7/16 Malibu Boards and Waves

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Tylers and Cremes!

Great photos. Thanks for sharing. Does anyone know about the Creme label? I’ve been seeing those boards around lately and I’m curious about the history (if there is one) of the label and who’s doing the shaping…

I googled, but all I found was their official website… which probably ranks in my personal top ten most terrible, seizure-inducing-impossible-to-navigate pieces of crap to ever grace the internet.

Really great looking boards though!

I’m pretty sure the shaper is Robbie Kegel, who is a young guy but has been shaping for a while now. Longboard mag did a profile on him in a somewhat recent issue. It may have been the “ALT” issue.

it’s always nice to see Maggies pics here. Keep ‘em comin’ Rob!

Thanks guys! I’ll pass the compliments along.

I freaking dig those Creme rides as well. Icons of Surf in San Clemente had some really nice ones.


I’m always amazed that those folks leave their boards out in the hot sun, especially the dark ones.

Those are all brand new boards getting some cure time. :smiley:


It’s cool to put your board up against the wall. DUH!!