7-6 Mini Mal

Just finished up a 7’6" mini mal. Looking to put in an FU 8.5" box w FCS sides. Need some help with side fin placement. My first longboard type board. It has a 14.74 tail with a 6.75 pod diamond tail. My thoughts were sides @ 13" and center @ 4". Anyone??? Thanks Krokus

at that length id keep it as a thruster and it will turn shitloads better than a 2+1

That was my original idea but I also kicked around the idea of being able to ride it as a single. MLC

placement sounds good to me. http://groups.msn.com/thegrasshoppersurfboard/shoebox.msnw

it will be more fun as a single http://groups.msn.com/thegrasshoppersurfboard/shoebox.msnw

I have a 7 foot egg I really like with a 2+1 set up. The side bites are set at 14" and the FU long box set at 5".

Hey Krokus, Put the rail fin boxes in and FU center box in it. You can surf it with any kind of fin set-up you want to that way ~ thruster, single, 2+1 or anyother fin combo you can dream up. You may find you want to change set-up for different surf conditions. I think foamdust’s numbers are pretty good. Gone Surfin’, Rich

Thanks guys 2+1 it is. Im jeleous Rich…flat here today! Krokus