I know, I know, don’t call it a “fish”…

But, you know what it is =)

Helping my buddy build his first board.

He’s bigger than me and I have no point of reference for fins on a board of this size/shape.

He wants 5 fin boxes for quad/thruster options.

I told him that the center box can’t be in proper thruster position because of the butt crack.

Anyways, we will be using FCS Fusion boxes.

I am more of a fan of rail-based quads.

So, I am leaning towards putting all 4 on the rail. Maybe 1 1/4" off.

How far from the tail?

What say you guys?

My 6’11" x 22" x 3" double wing round pin( I weigh 215+lbs), I moved the thruster fins up to 13 1/8 and 1 5/16 from the wider winged portion of the rail, and mckee(ish) quads locations about 6 1/8" , both in line with the wings.  I was always more front footed and would have my back foot infront of the fins on previous boards, so decided to move the fins up closer to my backfoot, but kind of regret it now and would likely choose 12.5  with the probox 1/4 inch fore or aft adjustment, if i were to do it over.


I can’t say much about the Mckee quads as I have yet to click with it as a quad.  I use proboxes and pretty much always prefer them all the way back.  While I don’t like traction pads in general, i recently installed one  only over my rail fins with no arch bar or tail kick near back fin, just so I know without looking or moving my foot, if it is in the right spot or not on pop up.  I find frontside I am usually placing my back foot forward of it, and backside it falls right on the pad,or behind it


Next fins I make, are having the tabs moved forward on the fin so it can sit further back in the board, but these are much higher aspect ratio fins than the norm, and these should be further back.


So I think proper placement is kind of determined by how your client surfs, though I would say not to go past 12.5 for the fronts, as bringing the fins closer to where my foot naturally falls frontside, does not feel quite right.


Not sure of toe in in terms of 1/8 or 1/4", I use a straight edge and the inside flats all point to a spot ~23 inches in front of the tip of the nose.

Did u get it sorted out already?

Not exactly the same thing but I can check where I put the fins on my 7-2 bat tail. I’ll do that today. I looked in the archives and couldn’t find anything posted from when I built it.

Not yet…

He’s coming over in a few minutes and we are gonna draw some lines.

We will drop the boxes today

rears are approx. 5 1/8" up from the corner of the tail to the trailing edge of the fin itself, 1 3/4" in from the rail, fronts are 11" up to the trailing edge, 1" in from the rail

Thanks guys…

We got the boxes in.

I don’t remember the numbers offhand but they look good to my eye.

Mighta coulda put them a touch forward but I think they will work for him.


What, no measurements, and no pics???


The rear quads ended up at 7" from the tail.

The fronts are at 12 1/2".

Which makes for a nice, tight cluster.

All 4 fins are 1 1/4" off the rail toed 1/8" over 4 1/2" which has the rears ending up pointed 2-3 inches off the nose.

We put the thruster box as far back as we could.

The buttcrack on this board is almost 5" so I think the thruster dot came in at about 5 1/2".


Sorry it took me a while to get back to this thread. This weekend was super busy…

I jumped on the computer this morning to post all this info but a whiny, passive-aggressive rant turned me off…

Having trouble posting pics…

I am exceeding the file size…


I’ll see if I can get around that.

Sounds good.

BTW if u have ms paint easy to resize pics. From your phone usually a screenshot does the trick.

Like to see the whole board. I have an interest in such things, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Whiny, passive agressive rant? What, that cute little bull dog giving you trouble, Chrisp?


Yeah, whole board pics and ride report. Are you gonna try to ride it?

I have been trying to post pics for the last few days.

The screenshot thing didn’t work.

I will probably catch a few waves on it.

I had to screenshot then crop the pics…

I will get full outline pics, etc when I can.

We are gonna glass next weekend probably.

Looks great, I would probably enjoy riding this. Looking forward to the glassing shots, hoping you keep em coming!

I didn’t mention cropping cuz for me its just an aesthetic thing, the screen grab takes in the extraneous periphery, but I can post them unedited. But yes, I do follow the screen grab with cropping before posting.

Glad u were finally able to get the pics up.

I should thank you.

I didn’t even know my phone could crop…

He is calling this the “Pig Fish”


How many liters??? 

Pretty sure it’s ALL the liters.