70's wide point

I am going to shape a 70’s pin tail, single fin 7’2"x19.5 x 3"x 12.75 x 11.5 Should my wide point be 2" forward. And what blank should i pull this out of Thanks Thomas

Wide points tend to, kind of, find their own spot. But in the 70’s we generally marked them 4-6" above center.

The clark 7’3" E with the stock rocker is what I used for my 7’2" single fin pintail. I was like you and had no Idea what to expect. I asked a few questions and got some tips form SK the man himself. I have never used this blank but heard it was good for this type of board. With all the unseen variables new blank , new template, questionable rocker, and wide point. I got lucky on my first try. This thing turned out to be magic. If I ever were to scan a plug this would be it. Unlike my high performance shorboard which is going on it’s 9th incarnation.

how about w/p’s on 70’s eggs?? they are the templates that give me hell. i can never get it to look right and smooth. retro works…

I’ve made 3 single fins 6’3" egg , 6’5" diamiond , and 7’2" pintail all have there widepoint 3" forward. That 's been the magic spot for me. good Luck.