7'2" Midlength Fin Placement, Fin Type and Size

Hey guys and gals

Just begun building board #2 after a succesful #1.

Dims are as follows

7’2" x 21" x 2 3/4" “Cruiser” shape with rounded pin tail, wide point +5" from Centre Point. Approx 45L volume.

Built for my girlfriend, as an easier to manoeuvre option in comparison to her 9’0" Longboard.

Im planning to make it a Twin + Trailer, and my questions are as follows:

What is the ideal Fin placement for both the Front Boxes and the trailer box? (Im using 3/4" Future Boxes for the front and 1/2" Future box for the rear.)

Also toe in for the front boxes? Should I use the standard 1/2" or use an intersection point so many inches from the nose?

Fin size - I’m planning to use the 5.79" Shapers x Asher Pacey Twins and Trailer (3.41"). Will this size be suitable for a lighter rider and midlength board.

For reference, board will be mostlty used in 1-3ft East Coast Aus Point Breaks.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, cheers :call_me_hand:

Hi Chef!
I would say that on that style of twinny, the standard starting point for your fins would be ~10” up from the tail with 1/4” tow. You would nudge the fins forward for more manoeuvrebility but less drive, or back for more drive but less manoeuvrebility.
I would say, if she can currently handle a longboard then she’ll definitely find these dims easier to wrestle. Just make sure you foil it out thin enough for her to bury the rail.

I’m making something similar as well as a longfish with similar dims (boards 3 & 4 so Im fresh) and am wondering the same thing about the toe in, using standard shapers mark or using measurements from the nose etc. LMK if you find and good leads on info! and post some pics when youre done!

Thanks @Planemonkey i ended up with the back of the twin fin boxes a bit further from the tail (it thins out abit at the tail, didnt want the fins running to narrow) for more manoeuvrability as you stated! The boards all glassed, polished and waxed ready to go for the test surf tomorrow, shame about the 0-1ft forecast.

@Matthew_Novak I just used 1/4" for the toe in. It seemed to be the number that appeared most in my readings so i went with that.

I guess I’ll just have to have a go, and see how in feels in comparison to the other boards ive ridden.

Pictures to follow :call_me_hand:

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