$75,000 nickel plated board

From the crew at Aquabumps video here

I had a friend who lived north of New Castle in NSW in a town called curri-curri who had a hollow aluminium board when we were in highschool… It was anodized in a red/purple kind of colour. His dad gave it to him (I think it was made by a boilermaker/panel beater frind f theirs)

prety amazing though… weighed nothing and was rock hard… sounded like a t-cup when you tapped it…weeeieiiiiirrrrd


Dick Brewer shaped it, would’ve been good to see how it was done…

If you look closely you can even see a little dent on the bottom…how the hell would you fix that!!!

Take it to a panel beater???

I wouldn’t think that an electroless immersion would cost that much for a nickel plating. Looked pretty neat though.

Awesome. Thank you, Grant.

Best in-tube footage I’ve seen. All-time, really.

Tubing, then the camera pans down and there’s this shiny metal spacecraft.

Nice long clip too.

Just a great thing.


INSANE video -

Thanks Grant!

man Hicksy you beat me to it!

I get the aqua bumps mail every day too and was just about to post the link and thought “i’d better just scroll down to make sure it’s not here already!”

it’s insane huh, awesome vid too, word of warning if you’re gonna watch it guys, get yourself a cuppa or a beer and sit back and relax coz it’s about 20 mins long! but well worth it. I’m assuming its solid nickel right? got me thinking about a HNS!!! just kidding!

Here are some photos of Dick with the board from my private stash.



We are soon to see gold, platnum, and titanium surfboards too! Bling bling mo-fo WU TANG!

It’s comming to a theater near you:

check it out. hehe!

Would love to see the vid, but I’ve been getting this over the last 2 days of attempting to access it:


Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

If anyone happened to download the video and would not mind sending it to me via email, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Same problem with me…

Hey Kendall

Something in the back of my head from a chemistry or physical oceanography class I took in the 70’s

But isn’t there a “thing” between between nickel and seawater?

Attraction or repeling of molecular charges?

I don’t know my memory fades me, I’m not a chemist and I’m too lazy to look it up right now…

and is that a Nickle Chromium coat or just Nickle…

The chromium does something to the nickle I believe.

I think they mint nickle into our coins or something too…


Pretty board though

I guess you could make sure you were looking your best at all times

especially when the wahines paddle up next to you in their bikinis…

The Board is PU foam, glassed with PE, then plated with Nickle Chromium. I think the fins are machined stainless. I’m not sure exactly how thick the plating is, but it adds some weight.

Garrett’s now the true Silver Surfer… he can check to make sure his helmet is on straight too.

You might be thinking of the fact that dissimilar metals in contact with one another or with water create galvanic corrosion. For example stainless steel rivets on an aluminum boat mast with begin to corrode, softening the aluminum. Bronze propellers on a stainless shaft need a “sacrificial” lead piece (the name escapes me right now). There was one famous copper clad yacht held together with rivets of some other metal that actually sizzled when it hit the water for its christening and was history in a month or two. I think as long as there is no other metal touching the nickel they’re OK.

I could be wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time.

How much do you think a board made of twizlers and coated with chocolate would run? I think I could manage that one…

I bet it doesn’t flex too much. Personally I think it is retarded, but who am I? And that is what I am talking about an edible surfboard.I think we should team up and make it.we could have a nugat core, with twizler glass and choclate as the resin.

I have a strange suspision that nugat has a comprable density to foam.

Three muskeeters is the EPS of edible foam

So Violet Crumble is what Bennet foam?