7'6" fin placement

shaping a 7’6" funshape/big guy tri.

7’6" x 2 7/8 x 21 about 15" nose and tail

what do you guys think the best fin placement for this would be? this is my first of this shape (#6 board). all my other have been shortboards. will be using tri fin setup. board will be for a 6’, ~ 170 lb man.

thanks for the input.

board is for the northern east coast…

center 3.5"up

sides 13" up 1/8" toe in at 17" mark

use red- x or probox hawaii fin boxes, they you have forward and back adjustment and you have flexibility for your style and the differing waves

my motto is “big guys try on the big guy tri”

thanks, just a normal 1" in from the rail and then 1/8 toe?

1" is fine