7'8" hybrid #3

This is board # 3 for me. This is the 1st time trying to do the glass work. I normally like the glide of the longboard, but wanted something to slap around on waist to chest days . Being 6’7" 245 this will hopefully be my go to board this summer. Its 18.5 x 24 x 18 x 3.25" cut down from a 9’6" walker blank. Nose rocker 4.5" tail rocker 2.5", with a flat bottom. Thank to steve morris for painting it and herb spitzer for suggestions for qaud setup.

Beautiful board, mudybech. Mike

Love the airbrush…or at least I’m assuming it was airbrush, or did you paint on the hot coat.

Thanks for the kind words rooster. The board was airbrushed on the foam by a friend lillibel03. I originally templated out a 8’ 0" but cut it down to 7 8". Heres a few more pics.

original outline at 8 0" and finished profile

Being 5-11 and 155lbs. it’s hard for me to understand what the measurements mean in terms of performance but I’ll say the foil looks sweet. Let us know how it rides. I’m curious how the deep swallow functions.

mudybech: congratulations mate! happy surfing.