8 ball surfboards

whats up guys, i have been away from the net for a while but i got a question. a local shop up here in ocean city is selling these 8 ball surfboards. the shop people said it was a chinese made pop out board. but i have also heard there from australia.

any info would be great.


well i looked and looked but i couldnt find anything. is it possible that someone could import the board from china to australia to make it look more real.

it’s just upseting to see what i thought to be a real surf shop is possibly selling out.

They’re not selling out, they’re selling surfboards.

If the owner is a real surfer, he’s either selling out, or may not know and eventually may learn about the quality he sells by speaking to people like you.

If the owner is not a surfer and just a businessman, then he is in business to make money, buying things cheap and selling them for maximum return.

Maybe he’s a business man who surfs, and thinks he’s doing the world a favour, not even knowing that the stuff he sells will slowly kill off local manufacture.

And the world continues to turn.

Maybe its this guys from the Gold Coast http://www.milchsurfdesigns.com.au/history.htm

He is one of the better shapers on the coast

I want ask the board a question shake it up and flip it over to read the answer…


it says,

“yes this could be a phenominal investment at this time…”

ambrose i wish i could shake it up and ask it where it came from because the magic internet sure isnt helping very much.

gcs thanks for the help but that was a no go on him.

as for selling to make money i understand a profit is a profit, and thats what pays the bills at the end of the day. its just i never imagined the shop i frequent might be doind such a thing.

worst thing is a friend of mine bought one.

lots of boards are built in china and have been for years. and now the big boys are getting into the act with models built in china. when a new board from china cost 100.00 complete who can beat that

Leucadia Surfboards carries those 8 ball Fish.

The boards are 5’8" and retail for $240!

The shop also sells those Seven, and Blue Asian boards so maybe Global distributes these?

They are glassed and do have a “Made in Asia” sticker on them.

yeah this one didnt have a good ol made in china sticker. and over here in ocean city md they are selling them for $399. which is just about the same price that local shapers are selling them for.

just becasue they are cheap doesnt make it right. i guess k-coast surf shop will never see me again.

thanks for all the answers guys.