8 Inch Sandpaper

Need help. Where is everyone buying there 8inch hook and loop sandpaper from?

I tried Keen Abrasives - first order was great, second order they never shipped, never returned calls of emails, had to do a pay pal claim to get my money back.

Looking for other options - but not the crazy overpriced stuff.



For most of my tape and abrasives I just go to the local wholesale auto body shop supplier. You dont have to buy everything on the web. Ask a local body shop where they get their stuff. My local supplier stocks 233+ tape for example at a price below anything I’ve found on line and I get to deal with an actual human being.


I think I’d be tempted to re-use hook & loop backed sheets too much. IMO much more effective and save $$ by using standard sheets (Hermes, Klingspor or Norton for low grits) use an old pair of scissors cut them to fit your different pads as needed, attach using Air Tac tempoary spray on adhesive. Quick, easy on & off without messy glue residue. then throw away when appropriate -  before built up dust on the sandpaper causes more damage to your nicely sanded surfaces. Throw cut-offs and still good used pieces in a box for ding repairs, etc


Mako, message me with that local source, thanks

Skip the hook and loop stuff, get some 3M feathering disc adhesive and cut sheets of Indasa Rhynolox paper.


Best advice.


These are rynolox even though it doesn’t say it in the description. Assuming you’re in Canada. Not sure where to get these up North.