...8' MEYERHOFFER ridden !

okay , firstly , MANY thanks to Ross , in scarborough longboards , for letting me try it !


  [there's a photo of me with the 9' version on photobucket , mr. surferdave , would you mind ??]


  the outline reminds me of 'Benny1's board he made ages ago and posted here on sways [was mr. meyerhoffer watching , i wonder ??!!]


    kinda like a peanut , or a snowboard shape


  the nose looks like a platypus's bill, the area near thfins , like a pregnant wombat , and the tail er 'pod' [if it could be called that ??!!] , like a dolphin's beak ! [so , i felt like i was riding an ozzie animal hybrid board !]


    when i showed a fellow surfer who i respect the board , he asked me "how does it ride?'




  after he asked ,


  over the next hour , i caught ten waves on it


  my first , a right , i stoof up too early and got held in the lip


  thankfully , from there on , i managed to ride a few


  it gets going quickly ...the lighter weight epoxy/ eps felt NICE !  the board is VERY white , too, and i couldn't make out a stringer [although ? perhaps? they may have used a white pigment [/?spackle?] to cover it??


    on my first left i ate S*** . i thought i was in fine , grabbed a rail to pigdog and ...KABOOM !! got blasted by the lip.


  so on the nexfew i took off more sideways , and made them


  the last wave , a headhigh hollow right , the board FLEW .


  when you stand back on the tail , the thing pivots really smoothly backhand , i noticed


  it was set up as a 2+1 , about a 7-7 1/2" deep back fin , with red fibreglass gs sideys [fcs plugs]


  i'd like to ride it again , perhaps as either a singley , or as a thruster ?


      fun fun fun









One of the shops in New England where I go, has one hanging from the ceiling. Same shape as you describe,  9’ as well with a grey tint. I was looking at it, and there is a lot going on with that shape. Looked like it had concave through the first part and vee in the tail(hard to tell exactly with it hanging in straps off the ceiling). Everything looked really smooth on it.

The shop owner said he tried it out. ‘Fastest longboard you’ll ever ride’ and when I asked, he said it turns well too. 

Read the SJ article on Meyerhoffer and found it very interesting, was surprised to see one of his boards in a small shop in NH. Love to try one.

Nice to hear another ride report Chip.


tell the guy to get it off the ceiling[?!] so you can try it out jo !

have fun mate !

cheers [yes… and peas , too !]


saw a man riding one in the san fran area when i was out there in the spring. Very odd looking

okay , i rode it in 50-100 metre long waves yesterday . rights mainly , but a few lefts , too !

only waist-high , but offshore to 1pm . so much FUN !!

my mate rowan [ aka ‘superman’] rode it too, and RIPPED on it !! … he got so much speed out of it , i could hardly believe it ! …he was hooting and laughing like a STOKED GROMMET … it was good to see him having so much FUN ! [ being that he is a “serious” 6’ x 18 1/4" x 2 1/8" thruster rider , ‘normally’ !]

i tried riding his board while he was on the 8’er …man , HARD work ! [i’d forgotten how small thrusters …er… ‘go’ [not really , for me , at least!] in howling offshore , small waves …can anyone say “low volume” / low float and paddle stresses ? hahahh]

so , then i took out [my brother Simon’s present] …the 6’3 x 19 1/2 x 2 1/2 squretail thruster [glyndon ringrose made] , and had a BLAST !

A fun day …

… keep surfing , WHATEVER you do !

cheers , guys !


PICT1817.jpg picture by chippy61

hopefully tomorrow ,

three of us will take it in turns surfing and videoing this

at a longer wave than scarborough

i also got video footage at the recent mctavish , meyerhoffer, and walden day here ,

which a friend is doing a dvd copy of for me …

tom [meyerhoffer] did a bit of a verbal intro on the board that day , and i had a bit of a chat [i DO that , sometimes hahahhh] to him about the ideas behind it , how to ride it , fin setup[s]

i think i’ll take up a few fins tomorrow to try out in it

and i’ll hopefully get to ride the 6’ stub too