8 Reasons why shapers will survive the coronavirus epidemic

  1.   We like staying in a closed room by ourselves for hours.

2.  We only go away from our closed room to get more stuff to keep us in that closed room.

3.  We have all kinds of protective masks that we don’t use.

4.  The foam particles in our lungs and nose provide a barrier against the coronavirus.

5.  No shapers live in Corona.

6.  The people that we meet, like glassers and sanders, live in their own closed rooms and have their own masks & protective suits that they don’t wear.

7.  When we do go surfing, we stay away from crowds because they all want bro deals.

8.  We refuse to have anything to do with anything made in China.

  1. After an epic session, we drink our vaccine - Ice cold Corona

10-4 Parthenonsurfer!!   No lime!  Muy Bueno!