8'6" foil/rocker advice

Whats up?

I am working out on paper a design for a 8’6" fun board that I will be using in chest to double over head OBX surf. I have surfed most of my life on longboards from 9’0" to 9’6" in these conditions, but want a faster more maneuverable board for bigger days. I am a very tall 230 lbs, and would like to keep it wide from the middle to the nose with a narrow pin/sqaush tail. so far i have a 8’6" x 18.5 x 22.5 x 13.5, center 3 1/8" thick, tail rocker 2 1/2", front rocker 5". I would appreciate any advice about the foil or rocker combo.


as soon as you move the widest point forward , you draw the arc of the turn out …

if you want more manouverability , pull the widest point back , rocker sounds ok , keep the rails thin, edges hard, thruster, avoid roll and v if you want squirt and livelyness ,



thanks for the information Bert, it is greatly appreciated.