9'0 Pig from early Weber template

Hi All, longtime reader first time poster. I’m so grateful for this forum and all the information it contains.

I’m especially grateful to Bill Thrailkill, who has been unbelievably generous with his time and knowledge, thank you Bill if you should happen to read this. 

Anyway, I’ve made a few boards this year - I grew up in my grandfather’s woodshop, have surfed my whole life, had a short very small stint as an apprentice airbrusher for a shaper in San Diego in High School, but had never taken the plunge until  now to shape my own boards. I am happy to announce that they all seem to float. :slight_smile:

I’m posting a pig I made a few months ago from a template I took off an early Weber of mine. The fin is mostly different shades of Poplar, with some small stripes of walnut and redwood. 

I currently live in Westchester, a neighborhood at the entry point to LA’s South Bay, near many of the beaches that this type of board first rode. In fact, my neighbor coaches the baseball team for Weber’s High School, Mira Costa, and apparerently my boss’s mother “ran around” with him in HS, until he became too bad of an influence :smiley:

Future wood fins I’ll be sourcing wood from Ganahl lumber in Torrance, a lumberyard that Dale Velzy’s grandfather had a hand in creating, according to my recollection of his biography. Anyways, here’s my take on a late 50’s pig, shaped, sprayed, glassed, sanded (lazily) by me, and the fin glued up by me using my grandfather’s inherited woodworking tools. The board would be much better if he were still here to have made it with me.

I can report the board surfs well, and I surf it regularly at my local beach and jetty breaks. Got a session last weekend on it at Refugio state beach and wondered why we can’t all live at a point break :slight_smile:




Great first post, great board, great fin.   Thanks for posting

Very Nice. 

Wow. That is a gorgeous board. You deffinitely should have gotten into shaping sooner. I’ll be starting my second and third builds soon and I figure it’ll probably take up to my tenth or twentieth before I could produce something that nice. Please post more!