9'6"-4 1/4" thick SUP too thin??

Im still a little new to this SUP game but for a relative of mine I made an SUP that is 9’6"-28"-4 1/4".  Shes about 130lbs. Im a little nervous that it wont float her. Too thin a shape?

And also a side note… I dialed the rails down to about 3" as well.

I don’t know anything about SUPs, but I know that if a 9-6 by 28 by 4 1/4 board won’t float a 130 lb. woman, she’s lying about her weight.

it will float her weather she can stand on it will come down to ability, ive just built a 9’6 x 27’ 1/2 x 3 /12 and it float me at 170lbs

LOL Huck thats great.  Its for my mother shes a small little feisty irish woman. If I called her out on it I would get a belt to the face.

And Charlie thank you that gives me a breathe of fresh air.  I will send pics when its done. Going through gloss now.

  You committed the classic mistake of thinking just thickness is needed for SUP's.

  First of all, you need thick rails to provide stability.  Thinning them out only works for wave riding.  For paddling, thicker rails is most stable and fastest.

  Second, your needs of thickness pertains to you, not to someone lighter in weight.  A thinner board floats MORE STABLE, provide it floats at all.  Lower center of gravity, equals less tippiness, which is much more important than sheer floatation.

  Last, width makes much more stability than thickness.  Go wider, not thicker, for someone of that weight.

  EVERY racing SUP is flat or deeply concaved decks, with super thick rails.  For a reason.