9'6 Christenson C-Bucket - one-off

Picked this up used few months back from Ken at Icons and sent it to France…  where I took it out yesterday on a 1.8M offshore break.  ( same place from the pictures I posted )

It’s a little narrower than Christenson Gliders with more rocker.  Guess it’s sort of a cross between a Cali Gun and Glider?

Anyway… it works really well and was pretty darn speedy.

‘I think’  it’s a one-off he shaped for himself that then passed through a couple of hands.  but just guessing.  



Sick board.  Would love to give that bad boy a spin.  

I love this plan shape. I’d like to shape myself something very similar. 9’ 6" x 22".  Im thinking a little belly in the bottom, to V in the tail. Curious what anybody else thinks. 

hey Huck.

The second longboard that I shaped was just like that except 10’ long. It used the old 10’1"Y blank from Clark foam and the bottom contours were as you describe. Medium rails to fairly knifey the last 6" or so. Single fin. Rade Rat Beach and The Cove in the South Bay (LA) and took it to the Trails in Sano. A little large for beach breaks, but a real cruiser at reefs and points, plus that rear end makes for easy wide cutbacks. May be just what you need for your favorite spot.

Thanks tkelly, that’s what I’m hoping for.  I have an 8-4 with similar planshape, gently rolled bottom in front to V in back, thin pinched rails.  And I have a 9-0 with flat bottom and fatter down rails, but similar plan shape just bigger.  I’m thinking of going with the rolled bottom and thin rails, I really like that board, and think it will be a little looser than the flat bottom down railer, especially once I go to 9-6 which will be my longest board. 

I know concaves are real popular on shortboards now, and a lot of people carrying that over to “performance” longboards, but I think an old school roll to the bottom with panel V - no concaves- is called for, I was just wondering what others have had success with on their glider type boards. Thanks for your input!

I have no experience with boards like this so I don’t know.   I am curious if maybe a (very) little vee up front might cut through any less-than-perfect surface conditions better than a bellied section in the nose.  


Anyone here have any opinions on that?  

In my opinion you would want belly or what I call rolled V,  under your chest at about the neck thru your chest/stomach.  This should enable a cleaner padding board that will catch more waves.  Lowel