9'6" Gordon Woods........help with i.d. please?

Hi Folks, Anyone out there know about Gordon Woods boards (australia)? I have a 9’6" and would love to know how old it is. It has 5461 written on the stringer, date perhaps? If you can help, thanks, Glenn. (pics attached)

hey Glenno, had a good old woodsie myself, looked very similar, however mine was a “Nat Young Model”. At a guess I’d say about 1964 for yours. Check the surfresearch site, or get in touch with Gordon himself. Where did you get it? Cost? Maybe Lucas (on this site) can help.


Cheers Gill, I haven’t been able to find GW himself. I met a guy once who said he got it as a lad and it was under his house since the 60’s, but that’s all he could remember…