9'6 Paulownia Project

Hey everyone…been a little while since I’ve posted anything so I thought I’d share what we’ve been up to in the woodshop!

9’6" x 22 7/8" x 3" Timberline longboard…

Weight comes in right around 20lbs on this one. The only wood used other than Paulownia on this one is the mahogany stripes on the nose/tail; the owner wanted simple/classy and thats what he got!

Can’t wait to see this one in the water


Fin & tailblock


noseblock detail:

few more photos at www.TimberlineSurf.com

Whoa there Ryan…

Do you have any rocker shots?

That thing is clean as a whistle…

WOW that is really cool…

nice work… always impressive.


Whoa there Ryan…

Do you have any rocker shots?

That thing is clean as a whistle…

no rocker shots of this one…very flat and gradual, no extreme flips anywhere; rolled bottom and big single concave under the nose.

hows the baby?

Baby is good thanks!!

I wont hijack this thread and start posted photos of her though.


Carry on…

I’d like to hear more about the fin, looks real nice, almost too clear to be glass…? But it couldn’t be just resin, that would be too brittle… how’d it come out so clear?

the fin is all glass, nice and clear, Rainbow does a good job with their wood fins!

little update from today on future projects…50+ new planks, some 14’ plus! and no shipping necessary :slight_smile:

ooooh baby

whoa. I want to take it out in perfect point break surf

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