9'8"Y Reverse Rocker

Have any of you shaped a 9’8"Y with natural rocker backward – i.e., with the nose of the blank as the tail of the board?  If so, how’d she ride?  Many thanks.



Shapers comment is that the rocker begins at the middle of the “demand curve”.   Typical candidates for a reversed rockered blank would be flatter in the middle, kicked at the nose and flatter at the tail.  When you reverse such a blank you end up with a board that is low in the nose with a kicked tail.  ie a classic Noserider.  Whether or not a 9’8Y would be a good rider as a reverse rocker board depends more on nose and tali rocker.  Research the Walker blank that was used for the Nuihwa(sp) Noserider.   That board was shaped out of a reversed rocker Walker blank.  Can’t remember for sure, but I think it was also a 9’8.  But flatter rocker than the 9’8Y.

Doing that would have on a 9’8"

4.5" TR

2.3" TR12

2" NR12

3.6" NR

This is still too much nose rocker IMO.

good reverse rocker #'s (Stewart Tipster)

4.5" TR

2.75" TR12

1.375" NR12

2.75" NR

or for extreme low entry rocker like Chris Christenson uses (check out Mikey DeTemple riding his boards on youtube/vimeo):

4.5" TR

2.75" TR12

0.75" NR12

2.25" NR

let me know which rocker you want and I can tell you how to custom order the blank.

Those aren’t blanks that can be purchased and reversed.  You’re talking finished boards not raw blanks that might be reversed.  When you can ride a Wavestorm like Mikey Detemple. Post it on YouTube. 

Yes, I already have a blank (it’s actually a balsa) that was built with 9’8"Y natural rocker, and I was thinking about shaping it backward.  I’ve shaped 9’8"Y natural-rockered blanks before and haven’t loved the boards’ noseriding characteristics.  

I would take free&easy’s offer and guidance.  You can order a blank from any of the Big Three just about anyway you want it.   I tried to have some Surfblanks Australia 9’8’s(I think) reversed and cut from a file when I was on Maui.  This was back in 2006 after Clark closed.  Machines and programs were not as advanced back then.  The machine couldn’t produce the rocker as a reverse.

Yeah, he PM’d me the rocker figures.  Much appreciated.