9'9" Blank

I just got a 9’9" blank as birthday gift because 1) I’ve been wanting to shape a board for years and 2) I need a log in my quiver again!

I don’t really have anyone around to show me the ropes, but I’ve certainly been reading about starting hear. I’m wondering if maybe trying to shape this board is a bit hasty and maybe I should have started small…

So my real question is, what can I do with a longboard blank that isn’t a longboard? I’d like to know I have some options…if there are any!

Please and thank you!

welcome to Swaylocks…

where are you located?

If this is your first attempt go with the flow, and make the board you first see in the blank.  Don’t try to make something radically different; have fun and enjoy the process.  If you try to radically alter something at this stage of your shaping career, don’t expect to succeed. and then expect to be met with ridicule.  Still this is only advice.  Please post pictures of your creation on this thread, and I hope the best for you.

Thanks to both of you! I’m located in Rhode Island. So far I haven’t gotten passed having the blank and getting a stand ready. I’m going to be making a spin template soon. I’m certainly not expecting a work of art but I’ll definitely post some photos! I’m into photography and filming a bit so I figured I’d create a little side art project out of the experience!

You have lots of options as long as it's  about 9'9"


You can do something like these?



Boss Hog


Gotcha, thanks Resinhead! I actually just read a post where you had been discussing using a power planer vs. sureform! I was thinking of something in the 9’6" range, it was the closest blank size I could get


Take your time and have fun.



Would you mind posting the dimensions of the triple stringer (2nd picture)?

Thanks to all,




it's 9'10" x 21 1/2 x 3 1/4.  The blank was a stringerless 10'2" @ 2 lb EPS, I chopped it up and added stringers with 1/40 veneer  walnut stringers.  6oz bottom, 6x4 top.  60/40 rails all the way around. Unsanded it weight a respectible 13 lbs.


it still needs to be sanded..thats just a pic of it in the hot coated stage.  I'll post more up when I get it UPOL'd up and all shiney.

Pulled the hips back a bit, but still wanted the Trestle Special, or Phil Edwards influence.

Welcome Will, this is the correct forum to learn about shaping and design. First, make sure your shaping stands are sturdy, at a comfortable height and use a level to get them level. Videos help a lot, personally I like Master Shaper Series by Jim Phillips(who also posts here)…Resinhead, I really like how the third board looks, I like big boards on large waves too. Lot of people surfing with one foot on the tail and one foot on the nose.

Thanks a bunch Tony! I’d been trying to remember the name of the series today, perfect timing! Resinhead’s boards do look pretty sweet!

Thanks.  I wasn't trying to hijack the thread, just show that the same blank can have a lot of different options as long as you go with the flow of the rocker.