A Christmas present for the East Coast?

This would be my favorite gift:

best of luck w/ that have a great xmas nomatter what


Last year…x-mas day was fantastic while i was at home in Jersey. A repeat would be nice. Definitley looks like somehting is on the horizon.


Santa seldom forgets us clamdiggers!

Maybe that’s what they mean by the phrase “Feast of the Seven Fishes”

Hmm, maybe that should read “Feast of the Seven FOOT Fishes”

no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

Pleeeeeeease no hype! It’s too early to make a call. Don’t add ingredients to the dish of disappointment! Have we learned nothing from experience?

Greg, you should know by now that we here in NJ will NEVER EVER EVER EVER learn our lesson!! Hope for good swell is the one thing we have on the East side and keeps us all stoked!

Speaking of fishes. I rode my 5’8" homemade twinnie yesterday. Totally sick!

If the swell and wind change stay as forecasted, an early Friday morning Swaylock’s Holiday Surf Session in LBI could be classic.

Keep an eye on things…


Josh- righton, def want to check that out sometime. I currently have enough 2-lb polystyrene blocks to make 4 fishes and 2-3 shortboards (the latter are thicker to accomodate rocker). My father in law is going to help me with the hotwire cutting (he is a retired electrical engineer) over the holidays.

Herb- I hear ya and hope for the best. I actually post a public wave prediction over at www.eastcoastsurfer.com (I’m not the webmaster though- I send to my friend, he posts em up). I have a pretty good track record (often recieve emails and message-board accolades thanking me for not hyping things up, as the other local forecasters tend to do). We have had a recent rask of hyped up swells that have fallen far short of the over-optimistic predictions made too far in advance. Thankfully, I am rarely, if ever, a suspect in such infractions.

The thing that I have learned is that makign definitive calls any more than 48 hours (maybe 72 if the crystal ball is REALLY clear) in advance is asking for disappointment as the models always moderate, and the wind-shift schedules and directions very often vacillate and/or completely deviate from the original call.

Either that, or some devine entity has a cruel sense of humor :wink:

Not saying it is not going to pan out, but I just feel it is too early to make the call and whip everyone in a frenzy just yet.

never , ever forget—" hey, it’s the east coast , if you don’t like it, just wait, it will get worse!" in 41 years of paddeling out, I just give thanks and enjoy what we get cause it’s ours!and ours alone…no crowds this time of year…

That is true; it is this time of year that I like best… minimal crowds, better waves than the previous months, etc. Wetsuit technology is a wonderful thing!

Fingers crossed!

waves will be perfect…just as they usually are when im doing the family thing…thanksgiving was very nice here but i was busy eating turkey… man its 23.f out right now ,waves gotta be good ,maybe it will warm up before the next decent swell…

If the wind goes hard offshore as predicted - the earlier the better. Keep your fingers crossed for fun session…