a compilation of ideas.

     If I have stolen one of your ideas…it must have been a good one.

     This board is a way to get several ideas that have been swirling around in my head out. I have stolen…no, borrowed all of these concepts and applied them, maybe stupidly or incorrectly, but in my own way to this board. Long stares, pencil marks applied, sanded off and reapplied. Fins attached, knocked off and reattached then glassed on, only to be third guessed. Anywho here she is. Many inspirations, thank you to all who have dreamed and inspired me to do the same. If you aren’t moving forward, get out of the way. 

wow. looks different.

can you explain some of the features and what they intend to achieve?


Very interesting Pico, I like it. I’ve had a few 80’s boards with channels but nothing like that. Ride it yet? Glassing and sanding it must have been fun.

pirate…Speed is the name of the game . The bottom essential has a single concave that increases in depth as we move from front of board to rear. The water releasing out the back will be a low pressure zone with bonzer double barrels (lift) that run to a vee out of the rear of the board. Bernoulli’s principle states:

     Fluid particles are subject only to pressure and their own weight. If a fluid is flowing horizontally and along a section of a streamline, where the speed increases it can only be because the fluid on that section has moved from a region of higher pressure to a region of lower pressure; and if its speed decreases, it can only be because it has moved from a region of lower pressure to a region of higher pressure. Consequently, within a fluid flowing horizontally, the highest speed occurs where the pressure is lowest, and the lowest speed occurs where the pressure is highest.

     The other tapering concave is very minimal, and in place only to influence the flow of water to the fins and out at the wing.

     The keel hatchets have sharper 90 degree angles to allow the water to release more easily, hopefully, to reduce tracking and keep the board loose. In the case of it being to loose, and for drive out of the bottom turn ( beach breaks scenario ) I have allowed for a changable center fin via FCS plugs.

    The airbrush and lams are to make it look cool.

Johnny- No ride yet. I am admittedly still mastering (ehh hem struggling) the process of glass ons and have had to exercise extreme patience with this one. Need a final bottom coat and final sand still. All sanded by had so far, but I will use the machine for the remainder. Once thats done (hopefully manana) it will get waxed and ridden before I’ll have the chance to get more pics, so I figured better take them now. Such a lovely day today too.

I’m interested in what it does in the tube.

     Existence in the tube is too overwhelming to do surfboard reviews, but I hope to get the chance to tell you.

woohooo !!!

STOKED to see you went ahead with this mate , well done ! …

the fins …your template ? wood core ? …did YOU make 'em ?

mate , I can’t wait to hear how it rides ,

what are the overall dimensions , again , please ?

and what BACK fin will you use , do you have a home-made matching one ?

how about a glo in the dark one , eh ?

cheers !


Like the Ferndokker nose.

yep ,


it's the board where "pico" meets  " P-Co " !


 ....uncanny , eh ?!

ha, thats great! yes went with the square nose, blunt nose, snub nose, whatever. 

Chip- made two center fins but decided on the fcs pugs instead for options or altogether, removal of.

   Glow in the dark would be great! A mini hatchet perhaps.

 I have a Gx that looks about right in there. Also the Yu center, M3, and G 1000. Probaly stick with something smaller. 

Rail fins are plywood core foiled one side. Homemade of course.

overall 5’6"   17 1/2" x 20 1/2" x 17 1/4"  and 2 5/8"


Thank you for the interest.

thanks for that info


I like your stuff , mate ,


especially on your blog , well done !


cheers !