a curious thing

As a favor, I did a board for the local high school team and they all signed it on the sanded hotcoat, with the same set of Zig pens - but when glossed, some of the colors held up fine, others bled badly. Anyone else ever had this happen? Other than skipping those colors, I can’t think of a way to prevent it…at least with a gloss coat. Ideas? Suggestions?

I have know idea how to fix the problem you posted but, I would like to say that is a beautiful board.

Keith, Did you seal the pen with clear acrylic before the gloss? mike

i know zig makes two types of pens …one oil based(bad) one water based good …they make more colors in the oil then the water based which sucks for us poly guys… check the pen type…im sure you knew that but one of those bad pens can sneek in there real easy. they look the same ,but dont smell the same

thats my take on it …bummer keith…nice board though

p.s. keith…i really liked your swayboard story

Spray a couple of coats of matte medium to completely seal the surface, light sand with a scotchbrite pad and then gloss it. I’ve had certain Posca colors bleed with the gloss and I’ve done some graphics on the sanded hotcoat where I’ve used solvent based metallic markers that react horribly with the gloss much like MarksAlot markers do. I’ve found that by sealing with matte medium you avoid the reaction and the bleeding. Though I’ve never tried it, probably Future would also work. Just make sure that you’ve completely sealed it before you gloss it.

Thanks all for the suggestions and compliments - I’ve never had to seal these types of pens before glossing, but it sounds like that may be the missing “safety” step. The pens were all the same kind, must be something in the individual color pigment that reacts w/ gloss. Well the good news is they are going to hang the board up real high, anyway… it will never be surfed, though, which is a bit of a bummer from my perspective.


another possibility is that when one person signed it, oils from there hand got on the hotcoat, and then the next person signed on top of the part contaminated by the previous person (preventing the ink from properly drying on the board).

is all the bleeding constant between colors?

Howzit Keith, Having used Zig pens in the past I can say that some of their pens will bleed. The best ones are the ones that have a metal casing not plastic. Another thing that will cause any color pen to bleed is if you try to go over a design a second time before the first layer is totally dry. This will happen to any brand Posca, Sharpies and even india ink. I also find that letting the ink dry on it’s own with out any help from heat guns or hair dryers works best. Stay away from Zigs with a plastic casing.Aloha,Kokua