a current project -

I should wait until it’s finished and post in resources but… well, here is a hoop finned paipo for JeffCh I’ve been working on recently. I was sanding when my girlfriend came out to take a pic - hence the mask.

The hoop will have a shorter profile once the plug tabs are squared away and fitted.

The final version - pinlined, glossed, etc with dimensions will eventually be posted under resources.

interesting , John …

is it big enough to ride standing up or kneeling , do you think ?

…How would the “hoop fin” perform ?

cheers !


p.s. - it looks like you’ve got the darth vader thing happening with your chin there , too …nice !!

that should score you a few extra waves [as long as your cloak doesn’t create too much drag when you’re paddling …

what a pece of crap !!! and you call yourself a moderator. I’ve seen better from a Wozzie !!

and now …

from the other side of the tasman , lest we forget …

<span style="color:White"><span style="font-size:6px"><span style="font-weight:bold">[b]hoops</span>

[/b] From: TomBloke

Date Sent:

Oct 3, 2005, 9:12 PM

Hi Chipfish. . . just to let you know that I have no idea how a hoop fin will go. . . . none at all, honest ! :wink:

(still hoping to get back in to the discussion) :frowning:

Cheers, Roy

so …in homage to tom / dragon / james / roy …

John , paint it yellow [or red] , make it about 8’ longer [at least !!] , wear a yellow [or red] wetsuit [or kilt , perhaps?] and a helmet , when riding it .

"roy , the better part of roy and hg " [“in my opinion”]

ben / cecil [hehe]

yeah, actually I really like it . … a lot. and if you covered it in balsa and epxy it would be like the best board ever.

I didn’t know Darth Vader shaped. Love the resin work. Bring it to Plaskett? Mike

oooooooooooooohhhh… thats the bottom. I thought it was a leash loop or roll bar or something.

dower you dummy …it’s a camera mount …

didn’t they teach you ANYTHING at surf / cement school , Dazza ?

'nite now !


Nice basketball hoop. Will the ball fit through that hoop? Mike

[…anyone here see “Coneheads” ? …remember the rings THEY used ??]

I might have to ask Roy how the hoop fin works when stand up surfing , I reckon .

It’s got me intrigued .

…Not quite the same thing as the ‘tunnel fin’ looking contraption you had in the nineties , eh Cheyne ? But THAT was definately one I would like to hear about one day, too . [I think it’s in the ‘green iguana’ movie , where you’re standing on the beach with it ?]


you gonna bring that to Swaylocks John? [please]

Nice work John!! see you in a few weeks. KP