A fat penguin sighting .....

held one in my hands the other day .

It was in a shop here [!] getting repaired.

Less extreme than the one I saw in the coffs harbour surf museum .

Lighter , too.

It was around 6’5 x 18 1’2 " and thin [not sure what width at the …er…“wings” .]

But it had a normal narrow thruster nose and tail .

Wish I’d had a camera at the time . The owner came in and picked it up the next day, unfortunately.

Moral of the story …ALWAYS carry a loaded camera …


(in case someone asks …THIS contains a “fat penguin” …)


Hi Ben,

Just thought you would find this interesting. I recently saw a fat penguin at a surf shop on Ocean City, Md shaped by none other than Dale Velzy. I didn’t have a camera either though or I would post it.



This time , it was out in the water .

Needless to say , I paddled over and talked to the guy .

6’5 x 18 3/4 " x 2 3/8" …11 " nose , 14" tail . [A squaretail , around 4" wide.]

Interestingly , it was setup as a thruster .

With the fcs curved fins and the matching back one . All carbon fibre. A sight to behold . He didn’t have the little fins in nearly halfway up the board , either. [He commented that they had made the board ride a “bit weird” .]

He had ridden it in Indo in double headhigh , and 8’ Cactus.

I watched as he took off , pulled intio a chest high right , came out , and did a full speed roundhouse . Impressive !

I’m hoping I can catch up with him again one day …I mentioned I wanted to get some shots [and measure the wings and radical vee and concaves too , hopefully]

It was a great little surf today . Some REALLY nice peaks , glassy, and with some shape, for a change !

Funny enough , I surfed with three other people who were riding twin keel fishes today , [rare here in Perth] , and they were getting even more waves than the guys on mals [“longboards”] . Wish I could have had someone there with a video…

fun fun fun


wow Landlocked , a Dale Velzy fat penguin ?? I bet THEY’RE rare !!

It’s the only fat penguin I’ve seen in person, and the only reference I’ve ever seen to them is on this forum.


so they work…

Guess we all owe Paul an apology…


The Penguin

The Picklefork

The Roy 14 footer Tunnel

The Peanut

Genius comes in many misunderstoods forms in life…

Can’t even comprehend what’s next

can’t say i’d want to be anywhere near a penguin at Cactus. aren’t they food for noahs?