A few millers with Gridlox Rail patches

Hey Guys found a pretty cool rail material that is a nylon grid.  Really strong in compression strength and dose not cause any break issues like carbon does.  I was really stoked with it and really easy to work with unlike carbon fiber.

Great looking boards Josh 

could someone explain these rail patches to me? …I have seen them on Merricks and a few other shapers boards recently

what purpose do they serve? is it for strength? flex? In 25 years surfing I have never broken or seriously damaged a board in that spot

Thanks!  Rand the patches are to help with rail cancer or people who just destroy their tails/rails.  Glassers started to use the carbon fiber to combat this.  Long story short, carbon fiber is too strong and can create a buckle point where the carbon fibers end.  Not to mention its difficult to cut and stay consistent with it, is wiggles and can fray.  (Its a little different with parabolic carbon rails) Alot of guys where breaking there boards there, so alot of big name companies stopped the carbon fiber and went to other materials.  Merrick for one is using rice paper laminate patches, same with sharpe eye.  When i came across this nylon i was originaly just going for a certain look.  I wasn’t looking for strength, after doing test patches i found out that the strength of this material was mostly compression and still matained the normal flex of the board.  So all in all it gives the board a pretty cool look, along with a practical strength.  Im hoping to have a local surf supply manufacture retail these online.  Ive got multiple colors and all are pre cut for production glassing.  Heres some colors

hey bro

 ya geting robbed ill sell ya some for 2 bucks a metre haa’'

 really just seeing If any interest in it.  Just something different to try, all it takes is time to find theaterial you like and to test materials and check for reactions with resin and strength etc. etc.  

…I saw this material for first time, about 7 years ago or so in a Brazilian board that came to ding repairing and I tell ya that I did not perceived any more strength, as you feel with carbon

Yes, as you mentioned, this fiber “follow” the foam dents.

For me is like a “retainer” of the fiberglass

May be I need to test it more

Hi, that stuff looks really good Josh! Im not sure how much strength it adds however as mentioned, Ive been using Linen for similar purposes and its definitely got great strength adding qualities and looks ok too. 

Carbon adds heaps especially if its solid like the board below, but I reckon it is best for doing original style Fcs plugs as it reinforces the deck and creates an"I beam" connection with the plugs when drilled through to top layer of glass. 

I say yes to the silk paper adding to the compression

i am not puting you down for using this in fact good on you for realising that there is no need for those expensive

fabrics  ** i wont say what it is you are using but josh dowling tiped me off about it a few yrs ago and i have used it under skins with great succsess and use it now for the same as you on gromets boards**.

there is a whole new world in spun bonded also



cheers huie

Here is my other patch version, just hot coated

Damn Thats nice stuff.

Hey Nocean, if you don’t mind me asking, what are the dimensions of that second board? The picture just leapt out of the screen, grabbed me by the throat and shouted “LOOK AT ME!”

Hi Cass, yeah sure dims are 5’8" x 20" x 2 3/4"   nose is 16" across at 12" down and tail is 14" at 12"up, any other questions pm me if you like, cheers

hey guys you want to reinvent the wheel ?

Your poor stiffness but light materials between to layers of stiffer material (fiberglass) acts like bulker in order to create a “microsandwich”: a thicker laminate than all glass of same weight, so it’s a bit stiffer so it’s better for dent resistance.

Bulker are the cheap way to thicken laminate with moderate weight (less than all glass) it’s often use in lowtech composits.

Standard plastic fiber (PET,PP,PA) are light (density  0.9 to 1.2) flexible with big elongation (that give toughness) but low strengh. Good as bulker. Often use as fiber in many application : textile (woven), geotextile (nonwoven)…

HP plastic fiber (PE HD, PET HD, Poly aramide) have same characteristics + higher stiffness and strengh. Used for HP application.

Instead of your grid, use dyneema and you will have a far stronger (toughness) skin, but harder to work with (cut) and way expensive.

Sorry for my frenglish

hmm gridloxs is your invented name is it not?

i am amazed that large manufacturers are paying that sort of money

it is nylon is it not

50 odd yrs shaping

10yrs in r and d in to alternative material  and ive seen a lot to.


** cheers huie

Heres Fellow shaper/glasser mike whisnant with GRIDLOXS!  Surfsource.net will be caring these patches along with

http:// www.gridloxs.com

yer overpricing it mate?


**  cheers huie

Wholesale pricing is going to qty orders and suppliers.  I looked at it from a Manufactures point of view.  What would i be willing to pay for patches  in production glassing  my own label boards.  Given i was paying 5.99 a patch for the carbon fiber patches myself.  Even with retail pricing @ 3.00 USD a patch or 6.00 for a complete, is easily passed on to a customer.  Most other patches are running 4.99-5.99 a peice.  The gridloxs is alot cheaper easier to work with and in my opinion has major advantages over the carbon fiber. Not trying to reinvent the wheel, just trying to make glassers job easier with pre cut templates of patches, that have a really unique look.  Some people just dont want to take the time to research and try out other materials.  Those that have used the gridloxs are sold on it.  The Shapers the last pics has been at it for 30 years, Hes seen alot
of stuff.  He sold on it!  Also have Gridloxs going to some larger
manufactures in california also. The list is growing quite rapidly over the last few days.


Gridloxs is my “invented name” Yes i have a nylon and a fiberglass version of it.  Im sure you have came across this before.  Just like anything else, its there for anyones uses just have to think outside the box.  Good on you for 50yrs.  When i came across this, and started showing it around, i was basically told to run with it, and if i didn’t they were going too.  So i just put some more time and effort into it.  Right now tail patches are the “IN THING” if the market dosen’t support it.  So be it, ill still be Putting out fires and Building boards for a living.  Either way Stoked!

…hey man, as previously mentioned, several years ago I repaired a board with all the deck with this stuff, so it s not new or like that and it s only for the look, that by the way, in some designs (and clear lams), looks very good