A few ???

a customer came to me the other day and was talking about trying to get a eps board from me and gave me info on the s-blanks out of houston,reading up on it it seems like all i need is shape the blank apply wall spackle and then glass it with with poly resin is this all its down in a nutshell? what type of spacke do you use? and how much lighter is it ?can i use regular logos with it?



go ahead an use poly on it…

if you wanna melt away all your shaping work…

poly is diluted with styrene; eps is polystyrene…acetone and styrene both do a great job of dissolved eps/xps. if you wanna use these cores you gotta glass with epoxy

there is a ton on this in the archives… read gregs epoxy construction primer in the resources… no poly allowed… everyting else the same but different… different density = different board thickness… different density = different glassing schedule… hand planes and eps???

Where is the best place to get epoxy resin? is there anything different i need to watch out for when glassing with epoxy?

“reading up on it it seems like all i need is shape the blank apply wall spackle and then glass it with with poly resin”

Hi Wardo -

Don’t know where you read that… the SFoam website is pretty specific. First, they recommend a slurry of epoxy resin and micro ballons. Second, they recommend laminating with epoxy. They do mention that epoxy lamination might be followed with polyester hot coat and gloss but I would recommend you check with the epoxy manufacturer on that.


Answers to your other questions can be found right here on this website or try Google. There are lots of different types of epoxy available.

Greg Loehr has Resin Research brand and is around here quite often. He has done as much as anyone to find surfboard specific formulas with UV resistance, different flex, Additive F, etc.



Are you guys forgetting that dude outta PacNW sealing his styro blanks in 3 stages with household latex paint, then glassing with poly resin? He claimed durability over a year and lightweight, pretty strong.

Key he stressed was sequence of 3 step sealing, so the air has a chance to escape…


Epoxy is actually EASIER to glass with,

promise you…



it’s funny. that’s what i keep hearing, and the extra time makes me think so too - i am gearing up for my 1st experiment, but i can’t tell you the amount of people here that are telling me otherwise.

'oh man, there’s so many other things, and it is difficult to get it right, blah bla balh…"

of course i think they are just resistent to change, and of course they are busy trying to make a buck, so i can’t blame them.

anyway, just wanted to say, that i am glad to hear the myths aren’t true.


sound good i cant wait to get my sfoam blanks in does it take more epoxy resin to glass a 6’0’’ then poly resin i need to read up on glassing with epoxy.


josh should desgin everyones logos his work is soooooo sick!!!



It’s not just that you can take your time glassing, its that when it goes off, it goes off gradually. You can, for example, walk away for a little while, come back and squash your tail snip overlaps down really flat, and squelch air out around square edges. The resin is different to Laminating PE also in that it seems to attract less dirt.

I roll some resin along my lap line, then flip the board right side up, roll out and trim cloth, then commence glassing. Theres so much time, and resin is already under the laps for holding it down as you squeegee the underside.

Extra Prep? Not really, but then maybe I just enjoy knowing I can go looking for stuff I forgot without panicking that my resin will go off as i look for a blade or line up my tissue right…

When 3/4 hard, lap lines can be easily scraped down with a blade, perfect flat…

You can do filler coats while its still green or if you have to let it go hard, give a minor sand.

The naysayers probably just have’nt tried it.


sounds like a slice of laminating heaven!