..... A fishy "widowmaker " type fin setup .....

has anyone ridden these sort of setups on their fishy boards lately ?

If so , how did it go , how did you like it ?



[I hope I will get to try this out <span style=“font-style:italic”>some</span> time this winter…]

( I have MOSTLY been riding it with this bonzer3 setup lately …and , LOVING it !!)

Hi Ben,

I like the look of the widowmaker setup with your green bonzer fins. Let us know how that works for ya’.


i’ve ridden this set up for the last 2 and a half years.

i use 8" rainbow bio flex at the back and at the moment fcs curved in the sides.

i get loads of drive in small waves but turns easily coz all fins really close together ( front/back)

hi ‘Sr’ !

It goes great …my favourite setup on the bushy , so far , BY far !!

the single fin holds in really well on hollower waves , the side runners “bite” . I have felt the side runners bite ( and feels like a bit of extra THRUST , too !) , so far, during bottom turns , as lately , the waves here have been too fast for cutbacks …mainly take off , and race the wave to make it .

I DO remember, on a couple of lefts, [backhand for me], when I ‘launched’ it a few months ago north of here , it cutback really quickly , and short radius .

I like how , with the 5’8 length and a bit more nose rocker than my old heavy ‘prawn’ had , I can make later drops on it . I surprised “sandgroper” on one left I caught on sunday at the the same spot an hour or so north of here . His comment was “I didn’t think you were going to make the drop” . I was glad he pulled back , as he was thinking of dropping in on me .

On a smaller , waist high day at my local a few weeks back now , the girl I was surfing with made the comment "for such a small board , it seems to GLIDE into and across waves easily " , which I guess is what I have been feeling ! …LOVING it !

okay senor Pato ,

I hope this is helpful …

cheers ,


late reply, somehow lost where the thread went to then been busy.

will try to work out how to post pictures but stay tuned.