A good blow

Tiki, I wished you would of let this blow over, but I do see your point.


What’s going on here?

There have been more than a couple of posts that have pushed the limits of Surfboard Design/Religious (careful now…) connections. I think that it is highly unfair that certain people can P the L, now I’m sure, at least last time I looked, that this isn’t the majority “Chosen” as official by the world, real-ige-un? Oh spank me, get it over with.

Or have you made some compensations to get the “big” name, old time shapers to come on down and spin the big wheel? Oh yeah, we dropped “the big one” before, and we can do it again, ya walking scabs. If ya don’t like it leave, just don’t let the door hit your the ass on the way out…

Fear just won’t pacify anymore. Answers… Please?

Stop your crying… Aloha…RH

black rock

fifteen minute intervals

twice as big as yesterdaayyyyyyyyyyy

souths with a coupla easts mixed in

mat sons of dale

solo has on deck

there aint no hurble cayne

on our kauai

all the kilauea excursion kids at lydgate

oblivious to the news cast update

eatin lunch

and the children shall…

pond filled with wood

water clean green

payin fer my own net line

not beholdin to the jobsite fer access

I aint touchy

I JUst get mad instead of

ass u me the yolk* of self doubt

I hate hard boild eggs

, ambrose…

I am wrong twice a week

between 3pm and 5 pm

on thursdays and saturdays


OK, maybe it was rude…or maybe just a poke at the kitty. I’m glad to see proactive thinking instead of waiting till the cows are gone and the papers spread across pristine waters. Given the recent slower than armchair desired response, good on the Guv…that’s part of her job.

Several days ago, I started to post…noooo don’t go…etc. As of late it’s more like geeees, …let…it… go. It’s not really that personal, more like bits and bites from far away. Besides, you know your on your way to being an addict.

Leaving would be something to consider long and hard if, you had to turn in your keys, and would no longer get to see in the window, the tall fence keeping you far away from the fun. The ability to lurk takes away all the drama.

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and play with the nice kids. Gil

Sorry guys, not surf/surfcraft related anymore.