a jet bottom "moonrocket"

my brothers’…

A glassers’ nightmare…

Talk about the sander…

Hey Chippy

how do those things ride.

I remember seeing one in an old Chris Bystrom movie going off at Kirra but have you had a chance to ride one?

Are those shapes machine cut or cut by hand and whats the design pattern? It seems like it spirals out of the middle but I could be reading the picture wrong…

I’d love to have and try one of those and his other design the fireball.

You guys on Prisoner Island make the neatest boards including Hicksy’s moonrocket Da Ben Headbanga…

Happy Aussy Day!

hiya Bernie !!

Yep…“ripping down walls” was the movie in question . [you have an AMAZING video collection !!]

TOM Peterson [Michael’s brother] made the fireball fish .

Michael Peterson made the “moonrocket” .

Erle PEDERSEN [different spelling …different family] made the “jet bottom” boards .

…Gets confusing , doesn’t it ??

My brother Simon has THREE jet bottoms . As yet , I haven’t ridden ANY of them , as he lives 2000 MILES away , in Vicco [victoria , Australia]

… if any of you “vics” out there ever see this board at Wooloamai , or elsewhere on the island , bail him up , let him know you’ve “spoken” to Ben and politely ask for a go / how it rides !

cheers !


WOW that looks like a shaping and glassing nightmare…gotta wonder how it works though

I vaguely remember a figure like at least 4 extra hours work per board , handshaping, glassing , and sanding the “jets” !

With the laminating , since these were all made with polyester resin glassing , I would imagine small batches of resin would have been mixed , to get the cloth into each of the [how many??] “channels”

Pandanus , I think Erle lives up your way now …it would be interesting to hear from him WHAT possessed him to make these , in the first place ?? “turbulence” is the word that comes to mind , when I look at a board bottom shaped like that !


…I still want to give one a test ride one day … I must ask Eli [my nephew] if HE has ever ridden any of them. Another one he has is a stinger , another is a kneeboard …one is actually a “conventional” shaped single fin , with only half the board featuring the “jet bottom” …

Earle, reacons they aren’t hard to glass,(when you’ve done a thousand). A lot of guy’s at Agnes ride them and all say they work really well.

and …

if you think ,

" well, these boards bottoms are a bit “strange”…

Here’s some of Erle’s fins

here’s a bit of a lightened and cropped closeup of “the bird” …

…have fun !


whoa hobgoblin sleds. I’m wondering how do they work. Strange, but interesting. You’d get 20 questions at the lineup (esp if you rip). interesting.

I can see the pop-out market getting ahold of this one…

…more to come …

someone i know has just come across one , again …

…to be continued …



Reminds me of the boards I have seen with golf ball dimples all over the bottom. I have never ridden one though, but I would love to see how it would go.

Ben !

You are now a Carp !

Good show,Mate !


those things are,well, radical!

I’d like to ride one on a good day , if nothing else , just to say I did !!!

any pics of the kneelo Ben?

a kneelo moonrockets been in the back of mind since i read the MP book…

those jet-bottoms are a trip…

hiya matt !

i think i posted them on the “swaylocks surfboard design photo forum” thread [or some similar title , from memory ??]

hopoe this helps  



p.s. - jeff , [‘geoff’??] who posts here , and runs surfresearch.com.au , bought it …so there ‘may’ be shots there somewhere , hopefully ?