A most difficult decision


Help! I just finished my first longboard. I started it last December. It’s EPS w/ RR-epoxy.  The glass work was done three weeks ago, the hot coat a week ago and the second hot coat 24 hours ago.  We have 5-7’ waves predicted for tonight and Monday am.  Typically we only have waves this time of year on Lake Michigan a few times a month.  Is it safe to take the new board for a test drive or do I need to wait another week for cure?  The board was glossed inside at 70 degrees.


that's not a difficult decision - water test time!

get it wet mate! Your structural lam was 3 weeks ago, and the “sealing” coat was a week, as long as you kept it somewhere warm, i’d say it a safe bet…

you're good


Agreed.  If in doubt, try to warm 'er up tonight or on the way to the beach, but I think you should be fine.


If you can, post pics post-session.  I have a minor obsession with Great Lakes waves (maybe because I lived and surfed a ton on the Gulf coast of FL for 4 years, so I appreciate good waves where they “are not supposed to be”).

Ah….now you’re talking.  Thanks for the insight.


Sorry for the delay on the pictures…

Great surf shots Micksurfer! Looks like your new board went just fine.

Cool, thanks!

Right on!!!