A Note of Thanks to Halcyon

I put a set of his Mental template fins into my 6’6" Flyer, they are NEVER coming out of that board! I have ridden Rich’s fins for 2 years now and I can whole-heatedly say there is nothing better out there for me. I have his fins in my singles as well as my thrusters and the performance enhancement is mind blowing!

Sunday April 17th & Monday the 18th were two of the best days of surfing I’ve ever had in my life, and it was right here at home. I rode Rich’s Mentals both days, Sunday in 6-7ft (slightly choppy) and Monday in 4-5ft glass, the pure drive created by those fins, with NO stiffness, is a dream. The speed is generated by the fins, making sections was effortless with virtually no pumping.

On Monday in the smaller surf I had more fun than I can remember, even as a grom, the combination of the Flyer’s bottom & the Mentals just oozes speed! Usually when I bury a rail and really dig into a roundhouse I can expect a slight stall when coming off the rebound, not even close with this set-up. When carving rail to rail and off the top I actually had to consciously slow down so as not to outrun the wave. I cannot say enough about the difference between standard flat sided fins and these incredible works of pure craftsmanship!

So again thank you very much Halcyon and I can’t wait for the next set (new template) that you are making for me!


The set is a 5.75" center with 5.5" concave inside foiled sides, fiberglass.

Hey Trip…nice review…a couple of questions: what boxes are you using? So your on a 6’6 CI Flyer correct? How much do you weigh? How would you describe your surfing style?

The boxes are Futures, and I’m about 207 now thanks to alot more water time this winter than last. I tend to have more of a rail to rail style (I’m 37), I’d rather work with the wave than against it. I surf my singles a lot and enjoy my longboard as well, but can still smak a lip or throw a floater in when the wave asks for it. I’ve never been a hop & pump surfer, that’s why these fins make me so happy, the speed & drive is just “there” if you know what I mean. Even my singles have been improved greatly by Rich’s fins.