A post for the tool whores

So I’m sniffing around for tools (like always) and I come across a local add on Craigslist for a bunch of power tools. Amongst them are a Rockwell 653 planer, older Rockwell vibrating sander and a Skill worm drive saw. The guy is only asking $175! I run over to his place and the tools are in great shape. One small chip out of the 653’s carbide cutter head but who cares? So I grab them. He’s happy I’m giddy. All is well with the world. But wait…there’s more! One of the pawn shops I frequent has a Milwaukee 5540 sander / polisher for $100. It looks to be in good shape and since their around $200 new I start getting the itch again. So I sell the Skill saw and some other odds and ends to my brother for $75 he’s stoked. I pawn the other junk tools and get the sander for $66 with the in-store credit. Since I’m in there a lot they don’t even charge me tax. Their happy and I’m about to piss (urinate) in my pants. To sum it up I just bought the planer and two sanders for $166. That’s like $55 a tool. And that aint bad. So keep looking around. You just never know when cool deals are gonna pop up! Yes. I am a tool whore. But I’m okay with that.

there. their. they’re.

(not interchangeable)

sorry…it just irks me.

enjoy the new toys! i just picked up a new milwaukee sander myself…can’t wait to break it in!!!

Hey Spud,

Way to work out a killer deal. Now I gotta go look at Craigslist.


Some peepole say I don’t talk so good, thats why I like two talk in righting. I really shouldn’t post after I get off work (like now). I work 12hr nights and tend to get a little sloppy. Thanks Soulstice : ) I hate “orientated” instead of “oriented”. It just really bugs me for some reason.

I’m looking forward to using the sander too. Just have to look into some sanding pads first. I wonder if Keith M. has any left?


Ya, I love a deal. The really cool thing was that everyone was happy. I never felt like I screwed anyone out of anything. Happy hunting!

Nuclear not Nuc-u-lar

Mansonry not Mason-ary

Westminster not Westmin-i-ster.

Yes, oriented not orientated.

And if they caint say these words good maybe they should go to the Li-brary not Li-bary.

If that don’t work they could go the the Derrek Zoolander School for Kids Who Don’t Read Good.

Nice score with the tools.

Now I’m going to meet my realitor for an expresso and we’ll discuss the possibility of a nucular war.

About a year ago Austin and I almost had the steal of a lifetime. We were looking at the local government surplus website and found a palet of 8 planers for auction. They were listed as Scil 100’s so I guess they kind of fell under the radar. Half of the planers were skil 100’s and half of them were Porta Cable 653’s. All of them were still in there boxes with all the extras. Unfortunately we had a previous commitment and set our bid at $1000 since no one was bidding on them. When we returned we found out that we had been outbid by $300 bucks. A whole palet of planers for $1300. Not a bad deal.