A Prayer..............Ambrose/Kokua............

My buddy at the Wilcox condos is looking for a place to build a board.Maybe you could help(if he asks,that is),as a favor to me.

And not to jinx things again my wife and I are planning a vacation in your backyard again,last time we did this it rained in your neck of the woods,Severally.So let’s think good Kharma and maybe our creator will see us thru…Man ,I really want to get together with you Spartan/Mike.Even if it’s for just a few hours.You’re like a long lost friend that I never spent enough time with or something…Father help us.Eagle/Herb

Howzit Herb, Glad to hear you are coming over and yes we need to get together. At this time I ahve no shop to do any boards in but brother Ambrose could probably help there. I have been very busy lately doing construction but when you get here I will take time off so we can talk story. Just give me a heads up on when you are coming over. The only time i will not be on Kauai is some time in the later part of April when I will be on the big Island visiting family,just wating for them to give their Itinerary so I can make reservations to go. Aloha,Kokua

Construction huh. I know how that goes. Did you give up your glass shop?


In some respects you did a 180 in life too.

Hope all is good ? If you’re surfin’ on the big I and in need of spots before your eyes or just want to looky. PM me. If you’re on the big I when we are over there,my wife and I love that Island…and yes I know construction is booming there.Herb

Howzit McDing, When I had to move out of my house I had to take the shop off the property in order to get my deposit back. We took it apart in a modular way and took it to my boss's house and some time rebuild it. My boss is a long time shaper and he is going to make 1 room a shaping bay and then I'll have 2 rooms so I can laminate in one and sand and paint in the other. Basically the shop was a victim of the real estate boon as was I. I now live in Princeville and there is no way I can glass boards here, the security guys are like hawks and love to write citations. Aloha,Kokua

Howzit Herb, Funny thing is it’s like I’ve done 2 360’s. When you figure I started glassing in the late 60’s and then got back into it full time( never really stopped, just part time) in 95 that was 1 360. I also was a framer for quite a few years until I got tired of sore backs and muddy tools here then just before Clark closed I got back into doing construction on a part time basis, but not framing but electical, plumbing, propane installations and carpentry too, that was another 360. The money in construction these days is just to good to pass up and it gives me more freedom since we work when we basically want to and our crew is bunch of great guys. As far as the big Island goes, I’m going over to spend time with family and swim with the dolphins with my grand neices, you know a family thing. But if you and your family are there we should definitely get together, if not then here on Kauai. Aloha, K

At the Waikoloa Hilton ? / Yes? My wife and older daughter did that like 10 years ago.It’s my favorite hotel in the world.I still carry the pics from that event in my wallet, also Great water slides , and there’s a few nice breaks in that area too !

If I don’t see you there you have fun,and here’s an adventure you can take the kiddies to experience…Go over to the last dock(boat landing at the ocean tower) where the burger grill and sushi bar is.There’s some huge mulletfish there in the canal that you can feed bread by hand.Just throw out some bread at first and they’ll come a swimmin’…it’s best to do it early in the am before the rush…I don’t think it’s illegal but they might frown down on it if you make a spectical of it…The lagoon is fun to explore TOO !Herb

Howzit Herb, Yep we will be staying at the Hilton. When are you going to be on the Big Island, I am still waiting for info so I can make reservations. Would be great to get together.My grand neices are really excited about the trip since this will be the first time they have been to Hawaii, they were to young to come over with my their parents in the past and the dolphin thing will be a lot of fun.Aloha,Kokua

It’s my wife’s gig and we(the girls and I ) are just riding on her shirttails.My wife is a Paul Mitchell Associate.

I’ll ask but I will probably get a multi-ple choice answer…and it’s really not her fault it’s more the way that type of business runs…

Keep me posted “K”,pm me whatevers…if it going to go…it would be a great place to get together…it’s somewhat “in parts”…my Heaven,and man made to the max.Herb