A Zen Riddle??????? or .....thinkin' bout what?.....Thinkin' about how you guys got to recken your truck.

Mr.Taggert: Mr.Cotton,where you headin’.

Mr.Cotton: I’m headin’ in the die-rectin I’m walkin’.

Mr.Taggert: Do you want a lift?

Mr.Cotton: NO ! I don’t like riden’ in cars much, Might git to likin’ it , then I’d go out and bought me one.

Mr.Taggert: How bouts I fix up your house for free,it wouldn’t cost you anything.

Mr.Cotton: NO !Worse thing to do, is to fixin’ up my house, Might git to likin’ it.

Mr.Taggert: That’s a good thing,ain’t it?

Mr.Cotton: NO ! I wanna move.

Mr.Taggert: Why you wanna move, Mr.Cotton?

Mr.Cotton: House is fallin’ apart !

It’s just ‘stuff.’ Can’t take it with you so why get attached to it. Mike

Hello stranger

Well, hello stranger

Can’t you see that your roof is leaking?

Why don’t you fix it?

Well, right now it’s rainin’ too hard

And when the suns a shinin

why, it dont leak!

Hello stranger

Well, hello there stranger

Have you lived here all your life?

Not yet!


Funny you should strike this note my friend.

…during my…down stroke… in this awesome,piston chamber of life.I gave away all my personal boards w/ the exception of 3 collectors types and a windsurfer.

…Now that I outlived my Dr.'s predictions and see calm waters ahead…

…I have to build my stinkin’ quiver over again!

…That’s a GOOD THING , ain’t it ?

Anywho,On my …hun…death …I planned on being cooked rather than boxed, so I have specific instructions to burn me w/ my templates…

…Who says you can’t take it with you, when you go?

Rebuilding the quiver is a GREAT thing. That’s funny, Herb. Maybe you CAN take it with you. Me, I’d like to be tucked under an old oak tree root (after removal of still useful parts)where the beetles, ants, coyotes, foxes, and vultures can have at it. The tree can have the leftovers. I won’t be in there anyway. Mike

just paddle / boat me halfway to rotto and drop my sorry carcass over the side . The sharks will take care of the details …

[gee, i’m glad i didn’t take your skateys herb !]

at least you can still get around now eh ?