AB3 '08' Cardiff Reef Mar. 22nd

In the spirit of the older Fish Fry’s

Sat march 22, 08 , Anthing But Three , Cardiff Reef

Lets hope we didn’t use all our good wave karma by scheduling the last one off season, as this one should be right in the wheelhouse for some good waves.

just like last time we want to keep it low key and banner free, everyone is welcome, just leave your logoed easyups at home.

shape it, buy it ,borrow it ,bring it, show up and ride it.

Many of the usual suspects have confirmed their presence once again. we will be giving away a limited number of event shirts to the deserving and attitude free, so show up early if you want a shirt.

Test ride something different from your favorite underground shaper,or bring your homebuilt to ride and compare.

After Party

Where is still yet to be determined, however but there will be one like last year and it will be posted on this thread.

Like a car show but in this case you get to take out for slide.