AB3 Pics and Links

I’m surprised that nobody has posted this yet? Maybe they did and I missed it but in either case here you go.

Oh yeah, for those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, the AB3 (Anything But Three), is an annual get together of board maker, designers, glassers, airbrush artists, fin makers etc…This year it took place last Sunday at Oeanside in San Diego.

Brett and I rode down together, demo’d a few boards and had a really good time. I was stoked to ride one of Shwuz compsands, a Rusty quad, and a six fin Mahana inspired by GG. There were sooooooo many boards to choose from that it was hard to decide.

I was lucky enough to meet the infamous Bill Thrilkill along with several other Swaylockians and a whole crew of Surfermag members. The highlight was talking with Griffin, even though the poor guy had a wicked cold, he was still excited about sharing board/fin info.

Celebrity sightings included, David Nuuhiwa, Sunny Garcia and Terry Martin among others.

Here’s a few picks that I took and also a link to extensive shots on Surfermag.



Man, honored you chose one to ride of mine out of that amazing lineup!

I guess that seals it, I better make the effort to come to one of these gatherings… AB3, fishfry, Sway-anon, something. When my boards start showing up without me, and without my knowledge, I better get my butt in gear and represent!

Had a great time there too. It was good meeting you, Brett, and Chris Harvey! Thanks again for the feedback on the board.

Thanks for the pics srpato! Made this one one for my girl. Laminated by Obiwon, and I did the rest. It won best glassjob! Got an ice 9 blank for an award woohoo! Can’t remember meeting one swaylockian…why is it you guys never come introduce yourselves?

IMG_1582.jpg Zamora Resinwork picture by SrPato

Yeah! You need to get your a$$ up here!

It’s in the sworn code as part of the Swaylockian alliance. “Never let em see your face.”

But honestly, I will look for you at the Sacred Craft and introduce myself.

I spent about a half an hour talking with Ian but your area was so crowded I couldn’t tell who was who. Great showing!

I was the one handing out the free food…

Anyone know anything about the board next to Jarrod’s? I’ve built that board in my head dozens of times - its the logical child of the peanut and my d-cell railed longboard quad…

That’s afoaf’s board; shaped by Spencer Kellogg. Afoaf did the bamboo lams and glassing. It has a nice S-deck and very fluid lines. Brett’s been riding it the past couple of weeks and really enjoys it.

I’ll see if I can find one of his previous posts describing it.

Found it: http://www2.swaylocks.com/forums/bambhulls

Hello Mahana

I asked you about your board when I was there, but like Jimmy said I did not formally meet one “regular” Swaylocian.

Ouch! Well if the shoe fits!

You guys throw a great event, I cant wait til next year!

Its all good…

Dug what you where doing on the Grif design.

Next year for sure.