Abbreviations: What do they mean?

Can some who knows please bring me up to speed on the abbreviations being used to denote phrases. Examples: LOL or IMHO.

Someone who knows…can you list a glossary or something? Because IHGADC.( I haven’t got a dang clue) Thanks, Doug

Hey Doug,

IMHO (in my humble opinion) stumped me for quite a while.

Here’s a glossary that I just found - and whoa there’s a lot in it…




Herb, Thanks. One of our secretaries here pulled up a another website and printed out 5 pages of abbreviations!

First I bought a computer, then a cell phone, now I have to learn a new language!

With all these new tricks to learn, I feel like a dog…an old one.

"When did the choices get so hard?

There’s so much more at stake.

Life gets mighty precious

When there’s less of it to waste." Bonnie Raite: Nick of Time


here’s a particularly good list of acronyms. Some of these are priceless…

Let’s all try to come up with our own abbreviations.

For example, my contribution is ICCL (I Couldn’t Care Less).

I noticed one important universal abbreviation missing from the lists is WTF (What The Eff!).


here’s a particularly good list of acronyms. Some of these are priceless…

Then again , imagine if people spoke english… instead of geekish

ie: not trying hard to be some ‘hip’ inner cirle / secret society. [In reality, to the intelligent “outside” observer , it all just comes across as being a bit of a w.a.n.k!]

There you go … for those who ‘must’ speak computer jibber, there’s an Aussie acronym to add … A B O A W ! [wouldn’t THAT get a lot of use to describe some people on some sites !!] . Frankly, I’ll stick to english, personally!