Abu Dhabi wavepool first vision

Kelly Slater surfs First Wave at New WavePool In Abu Dhabi! - YouTube
Looks awesome, would love to see one of Kellys pools fully owned by surfers who are dedicated to surfboard design and experimentation (swaylocks crew).

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More footage including the left.
Turn off the volume.
WSL Pro-Surfers Shredding at Kelly Slater’s New WavePool in Abu Dhabi! - YouTube

A nice central place for friends from Asia to meet with friends from Europe for a productive “business trip”. But what are the prices?

The great sportswash continues, surprising Slater is onboard given the human rights issues?!

Just a place for the very wealthy to play in a swimming pool. If I’m paying money and getting on an airplane it sure as hell won’t be to go play in a swimming poll. My last surf trip my son and I spent 8-days in Puerto Rico including flights, board bag fees, rental car and a very nice Airbnb, unlimited surf sessions to boot for less than $2,000 total. I doubt you could get airfair for two people to UAE for that price. There still isn’t a wavepool that can rival the waves we got.

Adjustable bathymetry anyone?