Been quite a while since I’ve been on Sway’s (since moving inland). Looks like Ace started a thread a little over a week ago (Bonzer), seems like he is home not in Ecuador - good. I wondered how his adopted village is doing.



Thanks for asking…Our little town is fine. Major damage was a little north. There are areas that look like war zones. Lots of people are going to be homeless. This is a huge disaster for Ecuador and it will be interesting to see how it gets handled by the goverment. Really sad, Ecuadorians have this we are all related to each other what is mine is yours attitude. But the goverment is likely to really mess this up. Just becuase it is no longer first page news does not mean it is over…

Ver sad state of affairs!

Only media report I have seen covering just how bad this is.

Glad to hear that things are relatively okay in your part of the country. I saw a clip of Correa talking about the situation, he described the recovery in many areas as likely to take decades (not months or even years). Canoa - 85% destroyed. But yeah, awareness is fleeting, bumped by the next news cycle. Hopefully the spirit of the Ecuadorians will help get them through.


Yeah I am sure there is gonna be some land graps from people that can not afford to rebuild or pay their loans on houses.  The coastal property market had pretty much been bought up…The rich will get richer again. No telling where the poor are going to go.

I know this is not a surfboard thing but thanks for showing interest and someday some of you might visit Ecuador,