Acetone = Styrene in finish coat?

Shoot, I’m out of styrene that I was using to thin finish coats and make surfacing agent. I have enough agent for now, but can I use acetone in place of styrene to thin the finish coat? Seems I have used too much agent on occasion and had extreme difficulty sanding the hot coat, so simply using the stryrene in the agent won’t do.

I used a bit of acetone to do what you are doing. It worked okay, but beware of using too much, and it evaporates a LOT quicker.

archives suggest styrene is the one and only… maybe I’m done for the day. The SA in the can (I make my own) is looking kinda discolored/cloudy bad too, think it’s time to throw it out and make more. And I was so close… only three more finish coats today.

I used to keep a batch of laquere thinner and wax brewing constantly. But don’t use slow thinner, it will slow the batch to the point of not curing

Why are you thinning out your hot coats? Better technique with properly mixed hot coats will produce better more durable boards. Thin it out too much and your asking for a brittle board. -Jay

Sorry Charlie, I thought you were thinning already mixed surfacing resin. Next time I’ll increase my reading comprehension to 3rd grade level. -Jay