Acid Splash Question

Austin, the blue/yellow is awesome!

Mitchel, doing the psychology ink spot test on your should be quite interesting, :wink:

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Austin S.

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Austin, that girl in your longboard pics is sooooo nice…

Man, I love your little chihuahua…thats the coolest pic of a chihuahua I ever seen!

Yo, kewl thread!

AustinS - your resin swirls are absolutely amazing. ive been to your website about a gazillion times to get some inspiring ideas.

Here are some pics of a board that myself and grobeyy have made. blue,yellow resin swirl on the bottom with resin red sun. red,yellow resin swirl on the deck (straight on the foam baby!)

lotsa colors



rails/fins/leash loop


thanks neira, i agree that she is hot…its my girlfriend.

cappio777 are you talking about this pic of dewey?

He is definately the coolest dog around and has his own video.

Also to get back on surfing… here is a pic of a marble swirl i did with light blue and white.

The mudding is extremely minimal due to it just makes another light blue…very easy for the beginner.

Austin S.


To minimize mudding, it’s best to either use multiple squegees AND constantly wipe them after every pass, correct?

correcto-mundo! i normally just clean the edge of the squeegee with my bucket edge or between my thumb and pointer finger. what you can’t see to the side of the videos when i leave the screen sometimes during a big lam or a really messy one ill wipe down the squeegees with paper towels or grab a new squeegee out of the acetone buckets. By the by those rubber maid throw-away tupperware things are awesome. ive had two of the biggest size ones (one for clear lam’s one for colored lams) for almost a full year now and no deteriation at all. It has also cut down on my cost of acetone due to such a little amount of evaporation. ill also run out of the screen of the video to put on fresh gloves tape on a trashbag apron etc. Its weird cause i dont even think of the things i do out of habit as helpful to other people because i overlook them. So someone asking me direct questions can conjure up some new info. Hope that helps.

Austin S.


Congratulations, you’re lucky!

Hey Austin,

So how exactly would you complete something such as this?

That link doesnt work for me…? I would be happy to help if i could see it though.

Austin S.

Hey Austin,

I’m sorry, I typed the LINK wrong…here it is!

well, on that board the base color is yellow, and it’s accented by a darker yellow, black, red, and light blue. mix the accent colors in small cups, and a standard amount of the base color. catalyze each of the small accent color cups separately, and drip it onto the cloth wherever you want each accent color to stick. then, pour the base color over all of the dry parts of the cloth, and squeegee as normal. it’s exactly the same process as austin’s “retro swirl” video…just a different color combination with less accent.

Yes, but won’t the colors mudd up and mix togather instead of having that precise look?

whatever color hits first wins…so before you start pulling off the resin, just make sure that every bit of cloth already has clean resin poured on it. do the accents first, and then pour the base color over everything else. this leads to a lot of waste, but it’ll come off nice and crisp. as your pulling it, the resin will mix together and mud, but just so long as all the cloth has already been hit with clean resin (including the rails), it’ll come out lookin’ good. austin explains and shows all of this very well in his “retro swirl” video.

…and don’t forget to clean your squeegee after every pass.


soulstice nailed it.

Austin S.