Acid Splash Question

How do you do a basic acid splash operation, and when?

Usually it’s done during the lamination. There’s a million and one different methods, but usually guys will mix up a large “base” color, then mix up seperate colors in small dixie cups and either pour them all on seperately or pour the smaller colors into the base color and stir once or maybe twice and then lam as usual. Stirring anymore than that will really mud up the colors. You also want to keep your squegee very clean (continuously wipe off the resin after each pass), or even use multiple squeegees to minimize color mix-up or mudiness. The rule of thumb is: Whatever color hits the foam first wins. A search in the archives for:

Resin splash

Acid Splash

Resin tint

retro tint, etc…Will give you all kinds of info on different methods.

i like the kind with the little owls on them.

It’s surprising how fast the colors will set into the lam, probably about 20 seconds or so. If you’re planning to do any blending of colors, either work fast or have an assistant on hand to help you with the color work.

I was going to open a new thread talking about resin jobs and artwork, so i think it can fit on this thread.

Joelyboaly (what a hard name for me!), the technique tenover wrote is the one i used, you’ll be amazed on how easy and fun it is.

This weekend i did my second “acid splash” and what i do is mix more resin with the color i want to be the “background color” and i try to hit the cloth first with this same color, as Tenover said.

If you watch Master Glasser Seires, Roger (Cleanlines) show some GOOD tricks for doing controlled effects over the acid splash.

Here i post a photo that Roger sent me of one of the boards he glassed on the video, the work is really, really nice, and the artwork is controlled, something i wasn’t able to do (control) on my acid splash experiences.

check out the videos on austin’s site…they’re great. one of 'em shows the entire process for his “retro swirl”, and his great music, too (taken from “Singlefin: Yellow”). just do a search for “Austin Retro Swirl” in the Forum and you’ll find a link to it.

How do you access the videos from . There doesn’t seem to be any link that leads you to any of his videos.

Here you go…

I had the privelege of going to austin’s place and watching him shape and even do a swirl. very cool stuff definitley an art form in its self its a whole other ball game than just doing a clear board

l8r on


Yes, but how do you make it so you don’t warp the design as much?

Here is and example:

That is more of what i call a jackson pollock method the thing to remember here is whatever color resin hits the cloth first wins so if you slash blue resin all over then red resin then come back with a yellow and pour it, the blue and red splash will show through when you squeegie it off. just be carefull you cover all the spots w/ no resin or the 3 mixed colors (probably a brown) will go there. same with swirls if you swirl red and blue all over go back and fill all those dry spots that dont yet have any resin with a “base” color and squeegie. uses a lot of resin but its well worth it.

Hey VA,

Thanks a bunch for the great info. I’ll be making a new shaping room and a new glassing room in my garage within the next couple of weeks. It’ll have ventilation and all that stuff. But, the method you gave me will be put to use on my next board. Thanks alot…

Is it possible to do an acid splash straight on the foam?

it’s possible…but, why?..adds a lot of extra weight

Hey Faceplant,

It’s possible to do a swirl directly onto the foam–I know Kokua’s been doing them this way for a while. The swirl tends to have a very crisp look to it, and the resin helps prevent blowing gas issues. Another thing Kokua pointed out is that you can see the stringer better with a swirl over foam, making it easier to route out boxes after hotcoating. I stopped doing them because it seemed like an unnecessary extra step, but it has been claimed that foam stains don’t necessarily equate a heavier board, as less lam resin can be used for the initial lamination. Anyway, check out this monster thread on swirls, it’s all there:;post=170460;page=1;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;mh=25;

Austin has been fantastic is sharing his knowledge and going to the trouble of making that video and I’ like to thank him publicly for it. It really has me stoked and I’m gonna try it on a fish I’m making. I note that he uses 3 cups of colors per pour. about 6 cups total plus the base color. Can anyone recommend colors which would be suitable for a first try ?


Set 1 Yellow, black and lime green

set 2 Green, red, lime green

Base color light bluish green


First swirl try doing colors that if you accidentally mix or mudd them a but will give you something similar to the original base color, or give you a nice third collor like yellow and red splash which will give hints of orange, or blue and white, or my favorite blue and yellow and then you end up with little hints of green, SWEEET!

It helps if you keep a little extra of the pre mixed base color un catalyzed for touch ups later if you mess up.

I just finished an egg with a blue and white tint and an aloha print inlay on the deck, I am going to gloss it today and then I will post soome pictures. Good luck tinting, It is worth the effort

precisely what i was going to suggest. i still have yet to attempt any swirls, but i’m working up the courage. i’d also suggest using different shades of the same color…such as a base coat of light blue with dark blue, black, and white swirls…that way, any mudding of colors will go completely unnoticed.

hey burnsie. like skeletor said yellow and blue looks cool cause it makes green. or a blue with black and white looks good aswell. its a bad idea to mix too many colors. blue and red make purple. red and white make pink… check out the color wheel before you start mixing. here is an example of a black and blue swirl. also a plain yellow and blue with no green. you can see how much of the resin turned to green.

Hope that helps.

Austin S.

WOW. that blue/yellow is insane! Just staring at the picture is fun! I think the waves would have to be at least chest high and clean for me to even flip the board over and paddle out. I see a frowning face on the left side and rats squaring off to fight on the right side (tilt your head 90 degrees clockwise) !!! SWEET