acrylic paint on laminant coat

Hey guys,

Searched the archives, couldn’t find an answer to this question. Hopefully someone can help.

I want to use acrylic paint on one of my boards that has been glassed. The board has not yet been hot-coated. I was wondering, can I paint right on top of the glass and then hot coat over it without any problems? Should I use a sealer to make sure the paint doesnt bleed?

Thanks a lot

Hot coat, sand down to about 400 grit, then paint. Gloss coat and polish. If you don’t want to put on a gloss coat, then seal. If you try and paint on the lam coat it will really look bad like you were tring to paint on a screen.

…if you paint onto the glass (cloth) you dont have a smooth surface…

…paint on the foam, or on the hot coat…

Okay, thanks guys. I was a bit hesitant to paint right on the hot coat because I’m not doing a gloss coat, and I know that if I sand on the paint, the paint will obviously go away.

I’m painting on the bottom of the board, so I guess it won’t really matter. Not many dings occur there anyway.

Okay guys, thanks for the advice.

…you can paint on the bottom H.C. then sand with a scotch brite sponge then apply a “speed finish”…

Or, you can paint the hot coat then cover it with clear acrylic spray paint. I like the Krylon brand. Mike

Don’t attempt to paint on lam. Paint on hot coat and seal. For final seal,try Dutch Boy spray acrylic versus Krylon - available at K-Mart (cheaper than Krylon) - or use Future Acrylic sponged or sprayed on with gun in multiple light coats. As is always noted here, thin your acrylic paint with Future rather than water.

Hot coat first then sand till you hit the weave. At this point you will still have a smooth surface to paint on. Then hotcoat again. This is the most permanent, albeit lengthy of solutions. Acrylic sealer will eventually wear away.