Acrylic paint over epoxy hotcoat?

Got my board all glassed nd sanded.  I would like to do some stripes on the nose with either acrylic paint .  I guess I would then do another coat of thin epoxy over the top of that and sand (VERY lightly).  Anyone done this?  If so, any issues?

Just found an old thread that mentioned using flat, automotive rattle can paint and nothing else over the top.  Just Krylon from Home Depot or what?  That would be too easy…

you can use acrylic paint for your design, then finish with an acrylic clear, and lightly hand sand with approx 360 grit and soft pad.

West Marine has a epoxy hull paint that will leave a finish very similar to a surf tek…worth a try.

It is also a lot easier to sand off then spray paint.

Buy some NOVO.

Gloss over it.

I plan on using UPOL for doing the exact thing that you describe… Resinhead sold me on it… I was able to get a local automotive paint store to order me a can of it. Haven’t used it yet but will soon.

For pin lines I’ve used rattle can epoxy paint with catalized marine varnish over  with good success.