Add Deck Patch to Stock Board

Has anyone added a deck patch to a stock board? I am buying a used board off someone that is still in almost new condition. I beat the crap out of my deck when I stand up (strange drop knee thingy I do but never notice). I was thinking of adding a deck patch just by sanding down the deck a bit and adding a 4 oz S cloth on about 3/4 of the deck. Would I need to do a hot batch and all of that, or can I just mix the resin normally and apply? I’ve glassed a board from scratch once using Sun cure. It turned out okay but I am just going to use normal resin and catalyst this time.

Just wondering if I lay down the glass, apply the resin, let it sit, sand it down, then apply a gloss coat would I be okay? Or do I need to do a hot batch with the gloss coat?

A few years ago we had a rash of Tudors brought to use because the decks were denting so bad. People were actually buying the Tudors and even before they surfed it for the first time they would have us add a deck patch. Be careful with the S-glass especially if the board is a dark color because it will silver if you kick it too quick. Sand with 100 add your deck patch, hot coat, sand, then gloss coat. The hot coat layer helps feather in the deck patch so you don’t notice it as much.


I would do the hot/fill coat and feather in the patch. Does the board have an existing gloss coat? If so, it’s your call as to weather you want to add the weight of more resin. If it were mine I would wet sand to around 500 and call it done (who cares if the resin under the wax is as shiny as the rest of the board.

There is no color underneath, its just a plain white board. So I should to the hot coat first then the gloss coat? I hope its as easy as it sounds. Can I use “sanding” resin for the hot coat and the gloss coat?

Use laminating resin when laminating the layer of glass on - no need to sand this. Next use sanding resin for the hotcoat and sand it. Finishing resin for the gloss. If the board doesn’t already have a gloss, don’t bother with one. You can just wetsand the hotcoat with 300 or 400 grit and you’re ready to go.

The board does have an existing gloss coat. I think it sounds like I could just sand the deck, lay down the deck patch. Do a hot coat, sand it, then do a gloss coat if needed?

Yes, just remember that you must use laminating resin when you lam the deck. If you use sanding resin for the lamination, it will delam from the other layers. Finishing resin for the gloss - and it will be very difficult to get as glossy as the rest of the board (unless you have a really clean/thin coat, a high-speed polisher, and the right polishing compound. It’s been a while since I’ve glossed a board, so I can’t remember which polishing compound is best.

make sure you mask off where you dont want resin to be.

I would stop at the sand coat

wax will stick better