adding additional layers of glass to a Rainbow Pavel Fish

Hello, I am looking to the wisdom of the group for some advice and knowledge.- I have a pavel rainbow twin keel fish that is glassed a little too light for my liking- I am not happy with how easy it pressure dings and the spider cracks that are developing on the deck- but I love the way the board rides. Is is feasible to add additional layer(s) of volan to an already glassed and used board(not volan) without ripping off the existing glass ? Also do you think it will substantially change the manner in which the board surfs. What are peoples impressions of heavily glassed traditional fish. Thanks

I suppose it depends on how the board is finished now-gloss and polish or sanded hotcoat, etc. You would have to sand down the outer layer of resin to get to almost bare fiberglass, and it would be tricky to laminate because the resin wouldn’t be soaking into the foam and you would have to re-hotcoat and gloss or spray. However, I still think that it could be done. I’ve seen boards reinforced in the foot area with an extra layer of glass or two on top of the deck-maybe that would be a better option because it wouldn’t have as much affect on the flex of the board. I think Pavel uses a wedged stringer on some of his boards to promote flex in the tail, and I think that a whole layer of glass would change the way that the board rides. I’ve ridden fish glassed with all 6oz, they seemed to me to go fine. Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

Yes, you can. Just sand the gloss or hot coat, tape it off, laminate the patch on, then hot coat the patch. You don’t have to go down to the weave. Mike

yes, good idea! my twin fin had that done to it and goes great and is stronger.

You can just sand down the deck and put a layer of 4 oz over the top of it, just hit it pretty good with 100 grit and scuff it up, make sure all the wax, and boogers are off, give it a bath of acetone too.

You problem is going to be around your the pressure dents on the deck. All those areas are going to be either high or low spots, meaning your going to get halos / light rings around the dents, you board will have a bunch of discolored areas. Your also going to get puddles of resin when you laminate. its probably best to sand it down by hand, this isn’t the time or place to try to sand something flat with a machine sander.

The best way is to sand the top down real good, laminate with 4 oz & sanding resin, yes sanding resin. Then try to sand the heck out of that till its smooth flat…(time to use the machine sander). It all depending on how deep your pressure dents are? Now once thats done, laminate it again with 4 oz & lam resin, hot coat, sand, gloss. The dents should be filled and flat by now, and you added about 4 3/4 oz of cloth, just enough to give it that big boat feel your looking for?

Seem like a lot of work. Just make a new one…sounds like a good excuse too me?


This is just the kind of info I had been looking for. I might just keep it as is and ride the hell out of it, or I’ll talk to a local shaper/ ding repair pro to get more info- I was not planning on doing the job myself- just curious if it was 1) doable, 2) worth it. What is the typical glass schedule for a trad twin keel? Thanks for the info on Halo’s never thought that would be an issue.

i would ride it to death or sell it and get another one with more glass… most traditional fishes seem to have double 6 top and 6 bottom…volan is not stronger, just more toxic…

Have you considered deck pads? They add a little protection and give decent grip.