Adding Foam

Hi all, new member i am really enjoying reading the topics here on surfcraft. I do have a question. i recently purchased a soft top bodyboard/small standup surfboard hybrid type board…is well made and i am enjoying riding it prone as a bodyboard. however, the one drawback is the width of the foam along the entire board is roughly 1 1/2 in. i am thinking if it was 2 - 2.5 inches the board would have better buoyancy when laying prone and paddling. Now the question, what is the easiest and cheapest ,if any, way to add more foam/or buoyancy to a foam top board without affecting performance?

“without affecting performance?”

not possible.

thanks for the reply,was a bit afraid of that…

You could add a pad on the top. makes kneeboard pads.  I have had him make me a few for my paipos.  It definitely adds float.  My pads are 38" long.  He makes 3/16" and 5/16" pads. They don’t affect the performance that  much. (no ‘s’)