? - adding side-bites to a single fin egg

this is a homebuilt single fin 7'0" egg.  I want to add sidebites.  Should I go with box fins or glass on?  Which system?  What size sidebites, and how about placement?  I should mention that I have some remedial work to do around the fin box, so I'll be re-glassing that area anyway.  Any information is appreciated!  - Huck

I have a 7'10'' 2+1 that has side bites around 15'' from the tail to the rear of the fin. I think boxes are better, purely so you can play around. The board i mentioned goes great as a thruster, even though the rear fin is 8'' from the tail!!!


I added a set of FCS plugs to a 7'0" single fin egg that I was having fin slippage problems a few years back.  They were set so the trailing edge of the side bites (GX template) were 14" from the tail, combined those with  a 7"  center fin.  Board went great after that.   

fin cant and toe-in???


I would go with LoxBox and use the cant and toe-in from the fin already there and have the 1" adjustment.

I would be thinking about 13" and a 1" to 1.25" off the rail.

     Fin placement being up to you and how you surf, I’d put them at about 15" from tail. 1 1/4" off rail with a 1/8" toe. Keep in mind the base of a side bite is 31/2". Last one I did side bites on I set the toe in with a 4 1/2" fin base and it rides very well. Just grab the cant angle off a board with biters or a set up you enjoy. 

Gotta go with boxes, 1/4" toe, no cant. Same Same 15" up and 1&1/4" off rail. It’s good to be able to remove them or try other sizes.

Gotta agree, go with boxes, futures or loxbox if you want

adjustability.  Set your toe two inches off the nose, don't

just ball park it.  Remember to downsize the center fin by

at least an inch with sides.  SB1's are 3.5" and you will notice

the drag compared to the single when trying to catch waves.

Larger sides means smaller center fin and then you are aproaching

the tri set-up so the center fin needs to go back.  Rule of thumb on

a 2 + 1 is center fin more forward for a looser feel, back for stiffer.

High tech / high perf..don't read my comments....it's that easy..........


Low tech...glass on's...6 degree angle...can't about 1/4 to 3/8.....yeah ...

about 1/4.......I said low tech...

fin placement from tail...grab a fin...hold it near the rail....look at the center finbox and your eyes will tell your mind where to place the fin....it's that easy.....fin goes about 1 1/8 to 1 1/4 from rail.....It's a backyard job..looks good...we won't win any contests or impress any hipsters......

Try ProBox....That's what I use..............