Adhesive for Poly+EVA foam (similar to a stomp pad)

Hey all, hoping for some help here with a peculiar subject:

My nephew has a cerebral palsy and we would desperately like to take him paddling with the family on these flat, beautiful autumn days we have (in the bay, under appropriate supervision, of course).  We have participated in events like Surfers Healing etc. and he loves being in the water, espeially with family.

In order to take him, I am trying to fasten some foam blocks to the front of my SUP for him to grab onto.  I am currently trying to use closed cell EVA foam blocks with 3M 90 spray adhesivle, without much luck.  The board is a classic poly construction.

Does anybody know what sort of adhesive the big stomp pad companies( astrodeck dakine etc.) use?  Or any other recommendations for foam, adhesive or any other worthwhile application processes would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


You want 3M Super 77 adhesive.  It is almost twice as strong as 3M 90.  300 PSI vs 180psi in adhesion strength.  I would coat both surfaces and your EVA foam may need a second coat.

You may want to check out 3M 80.  Appears to have good shear strength.  I have not checked with 3M yet to see how well it bonds with EVA and FG.  Found some at Lowes/Home Depot but did not want pay the price to experiment before calling 3M.

If you can find the solvent based version of WilsonArt contact cement rather than the later CARB water based version; it will stick to anything.  Used it many times to apply EVA deck pads.  3M 77 as was recommended works well too.

I use Selly’s Kwik Grip contact adhesive for my EVA pads. Depending where you are based you might find a similar industrial adhesive (builders here use it for sticking down floors).

Double coat the EVA because the first coat seeps in.

I’m not familiar with Sellys and have never used  the 3M 80.  I’ll check them out.

Can’t you just use regular pu resin to glass them on to the board?

NY_Lngbrdr -

I think that it is awesome that you are working on some adaptive technology for getting your nephew out on the water.

  1. Call 3M, tell them what you are doing, and ask for a sample roll.

  2. Try your same plan with some Velcro between the foam and board. That way you can take the pads/handles off when your nephew is not riding.


Scroll down to pages 4 & 5 of the 3M literature at the folowing link: